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Below is information about the "Motto~! Ojamajo Madness! XD" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:ojamajo_rpg (399159)
Name:Motto~! Ojamajo Madness! XD

Welcome to Motto~! Ojamajo Madness RPG!, a journal-based RPG set in the world of Ojamajo Doremi.

This game will take place in Motto~!, Momoko has arrived in Japan but before Hana becomes older. All characters are available, (even members of the FLAT 4, if anybody would care to bring them into this season XD) We'd prefer to have the main characters in the game but if you're just in love with one of their classmates or something, we'll fit you in somewhere! XD
Information on characters should stay as close to the series as possible, though expansion on lesser characters is allowed.

1) If accepted, you must post in the game at least once a week, so as to keep the game going. Every character is important and we don't want to see the game lag due to people not posting.

2) Please type correctly. We cannot stand people who can't write entire words or spell correctly ("u", "laterz", "afrgjirksm", whatever). Also, poor punctuation/grammar/LeTtErInG is not exused.

3) Make sure not to go out of character (OOC) unless clearly stating it beforehand, so as not to confuse players. And please keep it to a limit.

4) Please, please, PLEASE have an AIM screenname. We will be doing all actual roleplaying in AIM, then posting about it in the journals. Also, keep logs of all roleplaying so you can prove what you posted in case of any questioning.

5) Lastly, have fun and enjoy the game. That's what we're here for, right? :)

To join, please check for an Available Character below and send an email to ^_^

The following characters are suggestions. You could choose somebody else if you want. These are the main characters that we would like to have first if possible.

Character List - *indicates that the character is unavailable & the player's name will be listed

- Doremi Harukaze
- Onpu Segawa onpu_segawa
- Aiko Senoo tomboy_ai
- Hazuki Fujiwara
- Hana-chan (baby!)
- Momoko Asuka peach_child
- Majorika
- Oyajide
- Fugio
- Leon
- Akatuki
Interests:21: aiko senoo, anime, cartoons, clamp, comic mischief, cute girls, cute guys, cuteness, doremi harukaze, hazuki fugiwara, insanity, magical girls, momoko asuka, ojamajo doremi, onpu segawa, rpgs, shoujo anime, shoujo-ai, toei, witches, yuri
Members:3: onpu_segawa, peach_child, tomboy_ai
Watched by:1: peach_child
Account type:Free User

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