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Below is user information for HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:oi_polloi (258244)
AOL IM:BlindFolded247 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:forever fake. forever sorry.
Interests:135: 30 foot fall, 36 crazy fists, 80's music, a clockwork orange, a global threat, aaa, adverts, agnostic front, agression, anal cunt, anarcho punk, avail, beastie boys, bikini kill, billy idol, bjork, black eyed peas, blatz, blind society, blitz, bolt thrower, bouncing souls, brutal truth, busta rhymes, chaotic dischord, chelsea (the band stupid), civil disobediance, cock sparrer, coldplay, conflict, corrosion of conformity, crass, cro-mags, crucifucks, d.o.a., dead kennedys, death on wednesday, devils brigade, devotchkas, dirty rotten imbeciles, discharge, donnie darko, dramarama, extreme noise terror, fear, funeral dress, g.b.h, gang green, gore films, grind crusher, guttermouth, him, horror films, husker du, ice cube, idependent films, joey ramone, kelis, lagwagon, last resort, lousy poetry, love, lower class brats, ludacris, madness, making clothes, meat puppets, misfits, mix master mike, napalm death, nausea, nirvana, oi polloi, oi!, operation ivy, propaghandi, purfume, ramones, reagan youth, red alert, reel big fish, riot squad, s.o.a.d., samiam, scratch acid, scratch aid, selby tigers, sex pistols, sham 69, ska, sloppy seconds, smoking popes, sneaker pimps, snoop dog, social distortion, some street punk, south park, stiff little fingers, sub humans, suicidal tendencies, the 4 skins, the boys, the business, the clash, the cramps, the cure, the damned, the dead boys, the descendents, the exploited, the forgotten, the germs, the nobodys, the oppressed, the partisans, the peepshows, the queers, the stooges, the strap onz, the unseen, the varukers, the vibrators, the virus, the weakerthans, three 6 mafia, thulsa doom, til tuesday, tilt, toy dolls, u.k. subs, velvet underground, vintage tv, violent society, x ray spex, your mom
Friends:9: ashdork07, devotchka45, dirty_rotter, luckylina, mekeita, ozarka, pop_chick, return_2_sender, spift
Friend of:8: dirty_rotter, luckylina, mekeita, ozarka, return_2_sender, spift, thursdayisgone, thursdaywhxre
Account type:Free User

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