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Below is user information for sasha. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:octoburst (154079)
Location:Melbourne, Australia
Bio:i'm a normal, 18-year-old, libran girl who loves cute and funky things. i listen to a lot of j-rock, particularly stuff by pierrot, glay, l'arc en ciel, wyse, new sodmy, takui, luna sea and baroque. i read manga a lot and i adore clothes, but instead of doing a degree in fashion, i'm currently enrolled in university as a media & communications student. other than shopping, i love spending my time on catching up with friends. my idea of relaxing would be sitting at a cafe in the afternoon with close friends, talking over cups of chocolate. i currently have a compulsive obsession with shoes, and i plan to have an extensive collection of them so that i can show off to my grandkids in the future. having been raised in indonesia for the first fourteen years of my life, i can appreciate traditional views and values, but having resided in australia for the past four years now, i've sort of stretched my cultural boundaries a bit and i hope that i'm now a more flexible person to be around with.
Memories:10 entries
Interests:33: aiji, akira, androgyny, bansaku, baroque, fanfiction, glay, hisashi, hyde, internet, jiro, jrock, jun, kagen no tsuki, kei, kirito, kohta, l'arc en ciel, moon child, photography, pierrot, proms, rockstars, romance, ryo, shopping, sotsugyou m, takeo, takuma, tetsu, tsukimori, writing, wyse
Friends:2: edilia32, wysemania
Account type:Early Adopter

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