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Below is user information for what a T3ARjERk3R. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:obsessi0nz (90113)  
Name:what a T3ARjERk3R
Location:DiRrTy SouTh, South Carolina, United States
AOL IM:rawrwrawrwrwgwog (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:110: 80s movies, abercrombie, abercrombie kids, adventures in babysitting, aerosmith, aim, american eagle, arden b, avril lavigne, battle of the sexes, bon jovi, boomtown, bruce willis, candyland, charlotte russe, cherry coke, christina aguilera, christina ricci, college, columbiana mall, criminal justice, cruel intentions, dancing, daria, dawsons creek, dezerays hammer, donnie wahlberg, dragnet, dreaming, drew barrymore, ea accounts, ed o'neill, elvis, erika christensen, evanescence, express, fleetwood mac, flip flops, gaby hoffmann, gamecocks, glitter, god, golden girls, guns n roses, hate, hocus pocus, hot guyz, icons, jaguars, jawbreaker, jimmie johnson, john mayer, johnny depp, justin berfield, kelly osbourne, kissing, kiwi, kool-aid, las vegas, lava lamps, law & order, lifehouse, love, make-up, making out, mark wahlberg, married with children, mary kate and ashley, matchbox 20, molly ringwald movies, mustangs, nascar, never been kissed, now & then, oldies, olive garden, p!nk, pajamas, paul walker, peaches, pink & black, playboy bunnies, quotes, road rules, roseanne, scrunching my hair, sexy, shopping, simon & garfunkel, singing, sleeping, soccer, spongebob squarepants, strawberry daiquiris, strawberry lemonade, sweet home alabama, target, tennessee, tennis, the goonies, the osbournes, the real world, thongs, thora birch, victorias secret, vincent d'onofrio, volunteers, wet seal, willy wonka, winter
Friends:97: 0bsessi0n, ad0rable_lo, babi03, babiiphatxo, babipink16, babypink_xo, babyxxerin, billabongchic, biting, blondiebabie727, blueskyez, bornagain, boys_e_idaho, bren, cherri_lolipop, cherrykissez143, cherry_c0ke, chocolate_kiss, crazeebeautiful, cynicalxchild, damaged31, ditzybabii16, eye_candii69, eye_linerx, fighter4life05, flirtt, ghettopirategrl, h0lla_back, hawt_piink, hillarie, iovestruck, itsallnikki, jimmysgurl4eva, joshie_, kahluaparadise, kissez_f0_y0o, legallyblonde05, liddleladii69, lil_h0, lollip0pz, lost_memories, luhv_eden, lushuzz, lyricsnquotes_, melzzz, mistak, mizundastoodd, oh_so_kute, orliselfmaiden, oxsweetzxo, piinky_, playing, purdieful, roxygrlx3, sammee9, seksieplayboi, serendipity729, seriously, sexxie_girl08, sexxylexxy, shoegoddess1184, simple_qlam0ur, simplii_ox_pink, sketchball245, starkist14, starryeyedgrl, stephy05, stupid_ass, sweatin_meh, sweetbaybee, sweetheartxx, taralicious, tarheels118721, teary_eyes_lost, truly, vanilla__kissez, walkingonglass, wanna_fxck, whoregasm, x0oallryanso0x, xlexadoox4, xocutebabiiox, xohsosweetx, xun4gettablex, xx_nikki_xx, x_tasty, yummiinesz, zoe, _adored, _adorkable, _d0ntspeak, _heartxbroken, _lylprincesz, _mistakez, __cherry, __dirtbag, __scumbag
Account type:Early Adopter

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