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User:nycitymind (261761)
Website:Poetry and Erotic Prose of Sean Farragher
AOL IM:Nycitymind (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:seanfarragher (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:Sean Farragher
Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
AIM: Nycitymind
Yahoo: seanfarragher

Graduating from Columbia University, Sean studied the world of war and mayhem and found it wanting.

Moving to Dublin, Ireland (Trinity College), he rediscovered the magic of lyric poetry and the mystical and sensual vision of the Celt and Sheela-na-gig.

Returning to America, Sean earned an MA in creative writing and worked as a journalist, teacher, cab driver, union organizer, abstract expressionist painter and now among other interests, web page artist. "I will never stop writing poems," he says.

One of his poems, "Narratives of New Netherlands," Beloit Poetry Journal, was nominated for the "Push Cart Prize" as one of the best poems published in America that year.

Sean's poems have appeared in many magazines and anthologies including the Beloit Poetry Journal, The Village Voice, and the Dublin Magazine.

His poems "Snowman and Modern Rivers have been collected in Blue Stones and Salt Hay, an Anthology of Contemporary NJ Poets, published by Rutgers University Press. Edited by Joel Lewis.

Sean has written and compiled one and a half million words for a poem-novel: TxM6: The work has begun to be published at TXm6 complete with newspaper accounts, genealogies, poetry and the diaries of the principal witnesses.

Interests:34: anarchy, anne sexton, bdsm, cunnilingus, edmund burke, emily dickinson, eros, erotic prose, erotic writing, ex-virgins, exhibitionism, ezra pound, fiction, french revolution, girls, hedonism, intelligence, james joyce, kink, lyric poetry, my boobs, narrative poetry, nilhism, oral sex, philosophy, poetry, sex, sex maniacs, virgins, visual arts, voyeurism, whores, wisdom, women
Friends:9: aholeinmyheart, angelbabi13, dullgirl, eirryberry, funeralempire, honeysucklecat, layer, pennedblack, puritycorrupted
Friend of:7: angelstarcloud, eirryberry, funeralempire, honeysucklecat, inutile, pennedblack, stardust909
Member of:8: a_writers_grove, eroticlit, eroticpoetry, originalfic, poemsandstories, sexystuff, sigur_ros, writingprojects
Account type:Free User

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