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Below is user information for Banna. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:nxverhexrdofit (613074)
Location:Indpls., Indiana, United States
AOL IM:XoMarilynMonroeX (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:MissBanna (Add User, Send Message)
I could have rocked the spot instead of being just another little faggot like I am.

Interests:112: about gone, afi, aim, alkaline trio, and playing video games., anthony, anti-flag, antique dolls, apricot mango body lotion, austin, bayside, blankets, brand new, buddy, chelsea, chilli mac, concert tickets, cookie crisp, dairy queen, dc, down on hayley, drawing, dropkick murpheys, exquisite corpse, extra bubble-gum, fairy odd parents, fight club, fire, going to shows, half baked, hanging out with friends, hard core porn, hayley, hooters buffalo wings, jackie, jennifer, jessica, jimmy urine, johnny socko, jon, kathi, katie, kyle, lance, less than jake, lisa, macaroni and chese, marilyn monroe, matchbook romance, matilda, matt, max, mest, mindless self induglence, moldy peaches, much the same, music, mxpx, nail polish, natalie, never heard of it, nick, nirvana, nobody cares, nofx, orange juice, oranges, photography, poppy z brite, ramen, rancid, reading people's journals, remembering dreams, requiums, roller coasters, rongo, royalties, rugrats, saves the day, saving aim conversations, saving things, senses fail, seven, silverstien, ska, sloppy seconds, slut, sm, snow days, some like it hot, south carolina, spice girls, sr, stars, subway, sunkist, taking back sunday, tangerines, tater-tots, the breakfast club, the crow, the get up kids, the mothership, the skailties, those damn sexy redheads, thrice, tobasco sauce, tongues, tubring, twister, wendy's spicy chicken sandwiches, writing songs
Friends:10: kenseto, nxverhexrdofit, suddendeathca, vinny_flag, xcooterx, xsensesxfailx, xsheepx, xstudx, _crepuscule_, _xporcelainx_
Friend of:9: kenseto, misfitinmypants, nxverhexrdofit, suddendeathca, whoisambulancex, xsensesxfailx, xsobluex, _crepuscule_, _xporcelainx_
Account type:Free User

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