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Below is user information for Jen. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:nuzzles (852550)
Location:k-hole, ontario, Canada
Bio:i use livejournal more than this, i am Nuzzles on livejournal as well, i update that almost everyday, so if this journal is lacking detail and u wish to know more, try, keep in mind my livejournal is a friends ONLY journal and u cannot access my journal unless u are a member and on my friends list, but u can always drop me a message here or there and ill gladly add u ^_^

oh yeah info,
um my name is jen,
i live in k-hole kitchener, but its cool the people are (for the most part) cool, i listed mainly to technoish types of music mostly psy-trance, hard trance, breaks, and hardstyle/hard house., goa, and tribal... (haha i like it hard) ne ways... yeah if u want to know more, just ask, im really friendly until i have a reason not to be. ^_~ ne ways, cheers kids!

Memories:1 entry
Interests:75: adventure, afterpartys, angels, bass, biking, butterflies, candles, cheesecake, clubs, commander tom, computers, cuddling, culture, dancing, dark soho, darkrave, drinking, faith, fire, food, friends, fun, future, goa, grafiti, happiness, hard house, hard trance, hardcore, hardstyle, hardtrance, hide and go seek, house of spy, hugs, ice cream, inscence, jasmine, java, joy, kitchen orange, lady dana, livejournal, lord of the rings, loud music, love, moonlight, morals, movies, music, my faith, my heart, parties, pie, piercings, psytrance, rain, raves, revenge, reverb, roses, shiny things, skazi, snowboarding, snug, snuggling, stars, tattoos, techno, toj, uncle remus, uv reactive stuff, uv-e, video games, wemf, world domination
Friends:8: beyond_repair, false_emotion, hyper_otaku, kear_bear, not_my_thing, roli, seaweed_musings, xfreeversex
Friend of:4: beyond_repair, kear_bear, roli, seaweed_musings
Account type:Free User

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