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Below is user information for [ali:kitty*]. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:nuclearwinter (48897)
Website:w w w . s t a r r y g r r l . c o m
Location:Pullman, Washington, United States
Bio:doing things a little differently for a change....

Lock the door, kill the light
No one's coming home tonight

Memories:2 entries
Interests:150: 42, 51 peg, =o*, a perfect circle, addiction, ali noises, all my devotion, alone, bdsm, below blackstar, billy idol, bizare erotica, blue thigh highs, bondage, button up shirts, c, candy, chag, charlie, cheesecake, close the door, coeur d' alene, collecting, confusion, cursive, day dreaming, depeche mode, deprivation, devil duckies, dj soundwave, edible body powder, electrical tape, emily strange, enigma, erotic, eulogy, faithless, falling rain, feeling with your skin, feline, fuck, garter belts, garters, garu, ghetto phone cards, habbo hotel, hellraiser, him, his attention, his kitten, his love, his patience, his time, hiskittymeow, holy mary mother, horror, ice cream, imbue, in your room, insecurities, insomnia, inspire, intoxicated, jack skellington, japan, japanese, johnny t rex, ken kitty, kitty, kitty bells, kitty collars, laser light shows, letting you in, licking, licking him, licking his ear, listening, love, master and servant, maynard james keenan, meanie head, meeting famous people, meow, meowffff, mew, mint skittles, mmm god,,, music, my monkey, no quarter, no sleep, noe, october 1st, ook ook, oopsy daisy, phone time, pillow book, pinhead, pink floyd, pink hot chocolate, polaroids, pucca, pumpkin ice cream, purrring at him, radiohead, rain, random, randommartin, reading, red, red hot kitchen, reese's peanutbutter cups, rev my motor, ric nigel, san-x, sanrio, self-photography, serial killers, she's a stalker, silence, sleep deprivation, smelling good, starry, starrygrrl, stars, stationary, stripes, stripey stockings, sunrooms, swedish fish, taking baths, taking baths with him, tantra, taste of heaven, the dark, tool, torture, touch me, touching his skin, vanilla coke, waffles, wet weather, wild side, yoga, you, z, ,
Friends:12: atwistofshadows, chag, defuse, felixtc, fruitdemon, god_of_fuck, heartsfallapart, invdrzeb, missadrenalynn, stutterkiss, surgery, thrillcapsule
Friend of:6: chag, felixtc, fruitdemon, invdrzeb, stutterkiss, thrillcapsule
Member of:8: confession, customization, god_of_fuck, imbue, kitty_ears, layoutwhore, thosexperks, vnvnation
Account type:Early Adopter

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