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Below is user information for Dino. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:nsudino (51338)
Website:Dino's LiveJournal
Location:Hollywood, Florida, United States
There's no need for a bio, because my journal adequately reflects what my bio is at the current moment. I never really understood this in any case. It makes no sense. I mean -- isn't that the POINT of an Journal?

But, here we go.
For one thing, you may be wondering about the strange little user icons. The bulk of them are from The MashiMaro Website. It wouldn't make sense unless you saw all the cuteness.

Also, if you're one of those people who tends to link directly to my journal (instead of looking at it from a friends list), you've probably notice that I change the layout every week or so. This is because I tend to get bored with things easily, and I have a paid account! Why not use it to the full advantage? So, if you don't like a particular layout, wait for a few days, and it'll probably be changed. Or, heck, email me!

I've got some stuff in here that may offend, but I'm really not forcing anyone to read that. There is really nothing in here that I'm ashamed of. So there!!! ;-)
Interests:77: baking, biking, cell phone, cheeses, chinese food, ck, classical music, clothing, computers, cooking, discovery channel, dj-ing, dvds, egyptian ratscrew, fashion, food network, french food, gap, grammar, heat, india, iron chef, italian food, julia child, kitchen, kitchens, lagaan, languages, lj, manolo blahnik, mashimaro, meat, meatless, mixing drinks, mixology, moon, naked chef, nccj, neopets, nsu, pbs, philosophy, powerpets, ranting, raving, reading, recipe sharing, recipe swapping, recipe trading, recipes, restaurant, salad, sauces, shopping, sky, snacks, soup, spring, stars, stew, stir fry, summer, sun, tare panda, the food network, the frugal gourmet, two fat ladies, vegetables, vegetarian, vincent van goh, virtualzoo, what dreams may come, wines, world culture, world religions, yahoogroups,
Friends:8: alexiskystar, customers_suck, firestar, fxyrxnn696, pointyhat_trick, review, stopthewar, sxyrxnn696
Account type:Early Adopter

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