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Below is user information for break the sky. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:nots0soft (44570)
Name:break the sky
Location:baltimore, United States
Bio:...and i think when you grow up surrounded
by willful ignorance
you have to believe that mercy has its own country
and it's round and borderless ...

Interests:98: acid, activism, alternative medicine, ambien, ani difranco, animal rights, anthropology, anti-war, astrology, babies, banaras, blunts, buddhism, camping, capricorn, chai, chakras, cuddling, daniel quinn, day dreams, dreams, drum circles, drumming, eastern religion, energy, eyes, finding dragons, freegan, full moons, ganja, gay rights, ghosts/spirits, grassroots organizing, guitar, haiku, hallucinations, healing, hindi, hindi films, impeach bush, india, insomnia, ishmael, israel, journey, karma, lesbian, love?, lucid dreams, making music, many soul mates, mary oliver, medical marijuana, meditation, michael franti, missy elliot, mushrooms, nag champa, non-duality, non-violence, photographing strangers, photography, pride, psychic, radiohead, rain, reggae, religion, rugby, rum, sankofa, saul williams, scorpios, sean paul, sex, shamanism, shaved heads, shuffling cards, sigur rós, slam poetry, sonia sanchez, spearhead, spoken word, tattoos, tea, tesseract, the simpsons, toots and the maytals, trees, tripping, u2, varanasi, vegetarian, visualization, watching the sun, water, writing songs, yerba mate
Friends:6: dreamwork, furthur, manic_degrees, metix, retardboy, starrygray
Friend of:5: lyrica, metix, retardboy, starrygray, thesandman
Member of:1: dreamwork
Account type:Early Adopter

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