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User:notlikeican (712247)  
Name:Your trail of tears leads nowhere
Location:White Lake, Michigan, United States
Bio:without me by your side
you said you were all alone
give me one more chance
to prove myself to you
all the little things that i long to do
...(when you run away)
would you trade the course
...(you said that you'd be)
so that i could hold you
...(coming out my front porch)
would it all go away
...(just to see me)
and my heart is breaking
would you hear me baby
as the tears are longing
for what it used to be
Interests:108: abercrombie "models", ace of base, adam brody, allister, american eagle, ashton kutcher, band outings, bands, barbies, basing, blue, boyfriends, britney spears, building snowmen, camp, cheerleading, chinese food, chocolate, colors, cookies, count the stars, dancing, destiny, dolls, drama, dressing up, elephants, email, fairies, falling, fate, final destination, flying, football games, forgetting to call, friends, gilmore girls, goldfish, homework, ice cream, intrests, josh hartnett, laughing, layouts, leaves, letting go, little things, lizzie mcguire, lollipops, love, loving, lyrics, mailboxes, make-believe, movies, mtv, music, my mom, my room, never letting go, no doubt, one tree hill, orange, painting my nails, pajamas, parties, pen15 club, pictures, pilaf's, pink, plaster playhouse, playing, playing house, playing in the leaves, poems, poetry, pretending, puppies, purple, red, school dances, senses fail, snow, snowball fights, soap operas, something coporate, songs, spilling milk, stop signs, sunshine, taking pictures, talking on the phone, the all american rejects, the band, the computer, the early november, the life of brian, the oc, tony devito, trl, tv, tyson ritter, up north, white, white paint, writing, yelling, yellow
Friends:10: amandaiscool, boday, hippychic, lovinyou, misunderstood14, movingto_fast, playdohgirl311, say_my_name, tootsiebell, you_want_me
Friend of:6: amandaiscool, misunderstood14, movingto_fast, rosieposie09, tootsiebell, you_want_me
Member of:11: ariginal_lay0ut, a_make0verr, fcknlayouts_man, lay0uts, lay0ut_n_more, layoutcentral, layouterrific, layouts_to_you, laypouts, order_a_layout, tainted_lay0uts
Account type:Free User

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