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Below is user information for holland (not) the country. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:not_the_country (651596)
Name:holland (not) the country
Location:Tennessee, United States
Bio:Well lets see i am just a chick who simply enjoys all the little stumbled upon guilty pleasures in life-there are many, i frequently find myself falling in love with love and getting nothing out of it, drives to nowhere-losing myself which makes me find myself. hidden boutiques,couture, boys in bands, boys in general, boys playing guitars, boys writing songs, cloves, coffee, coffee shops, concerts, holy b-i-b-l-e, lifetime, music in general-just a large mass of randomness, orange slices, satirical+cryptic everything, sharkweek, shows, smores, space, sweet arse kicks, various types of cheese,writing and reading things that are seemingly interesting- all sorts of neat pens,gingerbreadmen, chocolate with or without carmel, starbright mints, lime in my water rather than lemon, lime chips,lime creamslushes, what the heck anything lime*, stargazing, randomly finding swimming holes, jumping of "the cliffs" in mid-january, the occassional clove with my top 3 favorite starbucks drink which are in no specific order: iced chais, carmel apple ciders and white chocolate mochas*,um smores while watching sharkweek or lifetime, trinkets and treasures of all sorts,tinkerbell dust,cans,bottles,pots and jars full of letters,photographs and memories, finding an extra $5,$10 or $20 in the pocket of my jeans(hey even some pocket change is nice),pinks and greens, and faded tattered vintage anything, wayy to expensive jeans, artistic and poetic everything,teas galore!i love celestial tea, and sleepytime* and little teacakes, as well as tearoses(my fave),the smell of the ocean breeze, the smell of freshcut grass on a summernight,unwinding with a glass of red wine in candelit bubblebaths,wrapping up in my downcomforter on my windowseat while watching the night sky change like how the moon pokes through the clouds and the stars seem to move all while reading my new current love:The Works of George Herbert-i think i fell in love with that man.
Interests:66: 311, beck, bentonfalls, better than ezra, boutiques, bush, cecil, celestial tea, cheese, cliffs, clouds, cloves, coffee, coffee shops, coldplay, concerts, copeland, couture, discovery channel's sharkweek, flaming lips, flickerstick, galactic, guitars, holy bible, incubus, interpol, jimmy eat world, jimmy gnecco, jump little children, lifetime, lime, love, lunahalo, mae, maroon 5, modest mouse, moe, moon, muse, night, nirvana, no doubt, oar, ocean, ours, outkast, pedro the lion, pinback, pink floyd, portishead, postal service, radiohead, redhouse painters, rufus wainwright, silverchair, sky, sneakerpimps, space, starbucks, stars, tearoses, texas, the smiths, the whitestripes, travis, wine
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: ktgreeneyes
Account type:Free User

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