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Below is user information for Remind me not to ever act this way again. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:noisekisses (112519)  
Name:Remind me not to ever act this way again
Location:Pennsylvania, United States
Bio:× Name: Skank, A-head, Vicious, G-dogg.
× Age: 19
× Home: Pennsylvania

×× Bands: The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Good Charlotte, Rancid, The Casualties, Brand New, Halo Friendlies, Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards, Cold, Social Distortion, Anti-Flag, The Ataris, Transplants, Wakefield.

<3's : Nightmare Before Christmas, Andy Warhol, Cory, Level 27, Adam Lazzara, Serial Killers, Halloween, Death, Quinn Allman, West Coast Choppers, Jesse James, Made, Skulls & Crossbones, Plaid, Rainbow Brite, Spikes, Jepha Howard, Paul Thomas, Dusty, Enoch, Vinyl, 80's, Marilyn Monroe, The Simpsons, Strawberry Shortcake, Popples, The Smurfs, Carebears, Mr. Rogers, Guitars, Native American Artifacts.
Interests:145: 37 slurp, adam lazzara, afi, alien ant farm, alkaline trio, allister, andy warhol, anti-flag, autopilot off, bert mccracken, bigwig, billy martin, blindside, body piercings, boxcar racer, brand new, breaking benjamin, cashdog, catch 22, cbgb, chucks, cold, csi, darvocet, dashboard confessional, dc, deadsy, dusty brill, electric candy shop, elseworth dragon, ethan embry, f-minus, finch, flogging molly, frogs, get up kids, glassjaw, goldfinger, good charlotte, good grief, guitar picks, guitars, h2o, halo friendlies, iggy pop, jepha howard, jeremiah rangel, jesus eater, johnny thunders, kelly osbourne, kidneythieves, kill hannah, killing heidi, lagwagon, law & order, less than jake, level 27, little league, made, matt lovato, mest, midtown, millencolin, mindless self indulgence, minor threat, misfits, moth, mountain dew, mushrooms, mustard plug, new found glory, nightmare before christmas, nofx, nyc, operation ivy, orgy, paul thomas, pennywise, percocet, photography, poetry, popples, quinn allman, rancid, reel big fish, reveille, runaway orange, rx bandits, ryan escolopio, saves the day, scooter ward, serial killers, sex pistols, sham 69, shows, sid & nancy, simple plan, slc punk, sloppy meateaters, social distortion, soma, something corporate, south street, stars, sugarcult, taking back sunday, tarot, tattoos, the ataris, the bouncing souls, the buzzcocks, the casualties, the descendents, the distillers, the eyeliners, the living end, the mighty mighty bosstones, the movielife, the overdrives, the ramones, the simpsons, the starting line, the stooges, the strokes, the transplants, the unseen, the used, the white stripes, the wondergirls, thursday, toilet boys, tony lovato, trucker hats, turtles, tweety, tylenol 4, us bombs, valium, valley girl, videodrone, vodka, vroom, wakefield, warped tour, xanax
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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