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User:nogi_snockna (318404)
Location:St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
AOL IM:BishounenOmi (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:nogi_snockna_mistaken_phenomena (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:Name: Nogi Snockna
Nicknames: Noggle, Tousan, Sensei, Noogle, Nogi-kun, Noogle-Woogle, Papa, Night Walker
Alter ego's: Demon Child, Hells Furry, Kindred Soul, Son of Pain, Sin
Gender: Male
Power: Triumphipath
Age: 20
Birthday: October 31, 1986
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Blood type: AB
Height: 5'9
Eyes: Black ( and at times Green )
Hair: Brown with auburn highlights
Favorite Color: Black and Red
Favorite Gemstone: Sapphire
Favorite Posessions: His black ankle socks, His Family, His inner family, His Brother, His mother's wedding ring.
Favorite Animal: Snakes
Favorite Food: Anything German
Favorite sweet food: Marshmellows
Least Favorite Food: Japanese Food ( Except for Rice )
Orgin: Berlin - Germany

Family: Jaqauc Snockna ( Father- used to be dead), Lucreazia ( Mother -Dead), 28 Step-Brothers , Tony Snockna ( Brother - Dead), Heller Snockna ( Brother -Dead), Ivo Snockna ( Brother - Dead), Kongouseki Tsukioka- Snockna ( Son), Misoka Tsukioka-Snockna ( Son, Todo Higiri (Half Son ), Toudou Snockna ( Son ), Yukio Valentine-Snockna ( Son), Rubii Tsukioka


When young, Nogi never grew up with his mother, only his father that treated him as a small experiment. So Nogi didn't really have a mother's sweetness to cherish..Only a cold evil father. His parents were both scientists and worked on the Jenova Project with help from others. After Nogi was born his mother left him at the age of four to go with another man, With Snockna finding out, he went insane and killed her. So Nogi was stuck with his father. After years Nogi learned on what his father was doing, what happen to his mother and what he was..A rare Pathogen of great power.

Nogi put up with this for years of experiments and the raping. Once the age of seven came Nogi knew it was enough so he decided to stand up for himself and go against his father's actions. Not really knowing how to control the Pathogen power inside him he overloaded on his father inside the lab of the Mansion they lived in, blazing everything into ashes..Even his father's body and many of the other scienists. Everything he had, he had no where to go. No family he knew, No friends..Nothing.

Personality: Bi-polar. Very little People can keep him on the good side.

Rozen Kreuz ~ Rozen Kreuz rebuilded Nogi as they wanted him to be - Cruel and cold. They also taught him about his pathogen power and how to control it.

Snockna Mansion~ Snockna Mansion ~ A huge Mansion that stands up near a Mountian, at the end of a enormous forest, in a small village . There are many legends of the Mansion. It is known to be the sight where Lucifer had fallen from Heaven and it is also said that long ago the Mansion belonged to a powewrful landowner ( Snockna) who had absolute control over the entire area. But now its a shadow of its former self, dilapidated and desolate...


Physical: None.
Magical: Pathogensis ~ Triumphipath
Weaknesses: Anything Physical
Fears: His Father ( Jaquac Snockna ), Going back to the Labatories..

First Love: Sessharumou
Second Love: Hidaka Ken
Last Love: Tsukioka Rubii
Marital status: Married



Image songs: Winter Born-Cruxshadows, Deception-Cruxshadows, Cruelty- Cruxshadows, Ghost Story- Cruxshadows,Away from me- Evanesence, Haunted-Evanesence, Breaking the Habbit-Linkin Park, Numb-Linkin Park, Wasted Youth- Meat Loaf, Original Sin- Meat Loaf
Image flower: Black Rose

Personal quotes: "The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed."
Language: German/English


Nogi's appearance isn't that hard to explain. Nogi just wears a black school uniform and black shoes to match it. It is very out of the ordinary for Nogi to wear anything else then black..If he did it would only be for a special cause.


Nogi has as equal Friends as he Enemies. Nogi is hard at trusting people until he finds some proff that there worthy of his friend and being close to the others he loves.

The Present
Nogi is much tighter on who he loves and hates the three simple words " I Love You ". He finds that the words have no meaning and only plays a mockary to the heart. Nogi likes to show more emotion and passion to prove the Love that he has.

Nogi has many sins and promises on his shoulder and he looks for someone who can keep up withhim and help him lift such burdens. Nogi is Strong to the outside but weak inside. People only see what they want and judge him.

Except for his family. And the one that he cares for most. He's not looking to be like his Father but give his kids the life that he wnated to go back to and live freely.

However, to rid his past he and the curse atop of him he must shea dhis anme and gain something new to make him smile. Someone to take away all his pain and promise him a lifetime of memories and passion.

Image hosted by
RuruxNogii is Eternal Love

Memories:1 entry
Interests:1: alot of things
Friends:10: akaikhou, amy_ceourth, chained_fear, codename_nine, lost_naoe, lukasc, misoka, moonlit_angel, ppopicons, tsukioka_rubii
Friend of:27: akaikhou, amy_ceourth, angelcarmine, beast_of_666, bishiounen_omi, chained_fear, chemicalrevenge, codename_nine, deadly_vicious, ebony_rose, insomniasmuse, kenhidaka, littlesnockna, lord_of_hell, lostangelsoda, love_is_cheap, mizutani, moonlit_angel, paun, peppermintfairy, poetic_rose, prince_ariel, pyro_heiji, soccaplayaken, todo, tsukioka_rubii, wishful_sinful
Member of:1: ppopicons
Account type:Free User

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