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Below is user information for almost famous. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:no_shame (847296)  
Name:almost famous
Bio:i artist.
a dancer.
a choreographer.
a wanna-be actress and singer.
in love with glittery things and the color green.
a catholic.
obsessed with sneakers, happy bunny and music.
a lifeguard.
not most like oscar.
most at home on stage, at the beach and in wyoming.
not as innocent as i may appear but....
more innocent than most people think.
classy & sophisticated...when i want to be.
becoming increasingly domesticated.
always changing.....

*.:a prayer for the wild at heart...kept in cages:.*
Interests:111: acting, aida, american repertory ballet, anthony tudor, art museums, balanchine, ballet, beauty and the beast, bein an ops girl, being on stage, ben folds, billy joel, boys, brand new, britney spears, broadway, cabaret, capitol risk, chicago (the musical), choreography, church, classical music, cocktails, college!, concerts, cyndi lauper, dancing, dave matthews band, david parsons, death of a salesman, diner runs at 3am, disco dinners, elton john, family guy, fishing, flogging molly, fosse, frederick ashton, garden state, girlie things, glitter, green, guster, happy bunny, hiking, history, hugh grant, jazz dance, jennifer muller, jimmy eat world, joan mc cracken, josh groban, josh kelley, just go with it, kyra nichols, lifeguarding, lifehouse, lila york, lipsynch competition, local music, love actually, mae, martha graham, modern dance, music, musical theater, musicals, my chemical romance, my new pink sneakers, nazareth academy, new mexico, new york city, new york city ballet, o'neil, opera, our town, parkview, parties, paul taylor, philadephia, photography, real world: new orleans, rent, romantic things, rusty brand, sesame place, shirley maclaine, shopping, singing, something corporate, south street, suzanne farell, swimming, taking back sunday, the 80's, the beach, the early november, the ocean, the prize fight, the simpsons, the starting line, the turning point, theater, time after time, valencia, water, wicked, writing, wyoming, yellowcard, zach braff
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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