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Below is information about the "No More Avril!" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:no_more_avril (444385)
Name:No More Avril!
About:This is a new community
1) Don't bash other members, especially if you aren't a member and are just commenting. The point is to Bash Avril, not our fellow bashers.
2) Try not to get off topic.
3) Don't post saying, "I hate Avril", or " I am leaving the community". It wastes space and takes away from more important things. If you are going to say that you hate Avril, Add some important topics as well.
4) Don't piss me off, or I will have you kicked out. If you piss some one else in the community off, thats okay, as long as they don't complain to me about it.
Other than This, Have Fun.
maintainer - dw3eb
Interests:5: anti avril, anti-avril, avril, avril lavigne, hating avril lavigne
Members:38: avrilsuckscock, bitchylaxgirl19, black_sunday, blueandyellow, confused247, fisherprice, hideinatoaster, im_addictive, invaderxat, jeffyroxmisox, jonestownxtea, kishkashta, lil_gremlinx0, marsheagle95893, masterpissant, meowwoof69, myusernamerules, nauticalkitten, nikkistar02, noloveleftxo, oxolindaoxo, pinksugarheart, pudface, punkispink34, punkr0x, ronsendestroy91, shatteredglass, slumberofdeath, sum41gurlie0270, thedragonkiller, theirafterme, thelostcause04, twincesticide, woodensand, xdead_rosesx, xmyimmortal, xrazorxkissesx, xskitzoxsaviorx
Watched by:13: confused247, dw3eb, fallendeep, fisherprice, hideinatoaster, meowwoof69, nikkistar02, pinksugarheart, punkr0x, thedragonkiller, theirafterme, xdead_rosesx, xskitzoxsaviorx
Account type:Free User

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