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Below is user information for X.Lina.X. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:njoix77 (247071)
Location:Burlington County, Nj, United States
AOL IM:FinalConflict77 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

gimme friction baby, and i like it.
gimme friction baby, and i like it, love it.
gimme deathpunk baby, and i like it.
gimme death punk baby, and i like it, love it.
Interests:141: 1920's, 4skins, 5o’s style, 70's horror, 77, 7angels7plagues, 999, a clockwork orange, agnostic front, angelic upstarts, animal print, anti- seen, anti-heros, anti-nowhere league, argy bargy, aus-rotten, banner of hope, betty paige, blanks77, blind society, blitz, blood brothers, blood for blood, boots, broken bones, buzzcocks, chaos uk, chaotic discord, clit45, cock sparrer, cockney rejects, conflict, cranked up, crass, crimoniligy, crust, d.r.i., daughters, dead boys, defects, defience, destroy, dirt, discharge, dissafect, disscocks, distrupt, english dogs, fear, fights, g.b.h, global chaos, global threat, hot cross, hudson falcons, johnny thunders, kill crush destroy, left over crack, locust, lower class brats, manic street preachers, midtown bootboys, misfits, motorhead, murder city devils, nausea, nerve agents, normajean, ny-relx, nyc, oi, oi polloi, oi scouts, one way system, oxymoron, partisans, photography, pin ups, pist, poison, randy, rangers, reagan youth, records, religous sex, river city rebels, romper stomper, rudimentary peni, sadaharu, sailor jerry, self-destruct, serial killers, sham69, sheer terror, shows, silent enemy, skeptix, slaughter & the dogs, st. marks place, steel reserve, street brats, stretch arm strong, stretch jeans, strongbad, subhumans, suicide girls, tats, the a.k.a.’s, the adicts, the cramps, the cro-mags, the cuffs, the forgotten, the germs, the krayz, the necros, the oppressed, the riffs, the strap onz, the undertones, thulsa doom, total chaos, toxic narcotic, toy dolls, trash and vaudville, turbonegro, u.k subs, uk82, ultra violent, unseen, uproar, varla magazine, varukers, vice squad, vintage, vinyl, violent society, virus, void control, warzone, whiskey rebels
Friends:7: blood_brothers, boot_crew, dirty_rotter, hurricanedpunk, hxc, nirtothevana, white_riot_77
Friend of:4: dirty_rotter, hurricanedpunk, oitotheworld, xxprettyxgunxx
Member of:4: blood_brothers, hxc, jerseygirlsrock, njpunkscene
Account type:Free User

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