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Below is user information for A is for Ape. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:nixed (539330)
Name:A is for Ape
Location:vic, bc, Canada
Bio:i am an undercover spy. i'd tell you more, but then i'd have to kill you (and by kill you, i mean, sick my dogs upon you [ and by sick my dogs upon you, i mean, dig a hole. and put you in it. thats right. i went there.])
Interests:140: 3d glasses, 80s movies, art, at the drive in, beatniks, being alone, bela lugosi, black metal, bowling, boys in suits, bubblegum, button makers, ccr, christmas lights, clone high, clue, comics, cookies, cotton candy, crayons, cream soda, creative geniuses, daniel clowes, david bowie, daydreaming, deftones, detroit rock city, documentaries, donnie darko, donuts, doris wishman, dreams, drive-in movies, duvets, ed wood jr, emile hirsch boy, ethan randall, family guy, free things, ghost world, gilda radner, hardcore, hiphop, hotels, interpol, jazz, jim morrison, john cusack, juice boxes, kids in the hall, kill bill, kissing, lemonade, lipgloss, lounge music, lying on the floor, lyrics, mallrats, margaret atwood, mark strand, mexico, mind reading, mix tapes, mood lighting, my art history professor, nailpolish, neil gaiman, nice, nintendo, paris, philosophy, photobooths, photography, pie, piercings, pineapple, pink floyd, pizza, piƱatas, poetry, pulp fiction, punk, quentin tarantino, rain, randomness, records, robots, rodin, rootbeer, roxymusic, sandwiches, screamo, shag carpet, ska, skanking, skateboarding, sketching, sleeping, slurpees, snl, sofia coppola, sourdough toast, space, stalking, stars, steve burns, storms, surf movies, surf music, tears for fears, teen girl squad, the beach, the bell jar, the coreys, the cure, the doors, the kingpins, the labyrinth, the lost boys, the roxy, the smiths, the weakerthans-boy, the wizard of oz, thinking, thrift stores, tim burton, time, toe socks, total annihilation, travelling, undergrads, vampira, van gogh, virgin suicides, warmth, wayne's world, weekly world news, writing, zombies, zombies ate my neighbors
Friends:1: despiteme
Account type:Free User

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