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Below is user information for I Want to Touch You, But I Know I Can't Touch You. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:nikkiv001 (704557)
Name:I Want to Touch You, But I Know I Can't Touch You
Website:No Use For A Title
Location:Van Etten, New York, United States
AOL IM:nikkiv001 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Who I am and where I'm from doesn't really matter. What I'm about and what I represent does.

But I'll put the little facts in anyway...
[Name] Nikki V, but you can call me Nikki, V, or possible Sully if you do so wish.
[Gender] Female, ya know, you could get all this shit from my user info, right? Well I don't care, "Redundant" was one of my favorite GD songs...
You can get my interests and shit below.

I lead a boring life, I don't go out much, mainly because there is nowhere to go where I live. I've had other journals before. I started with blogger, then moved to Woohu. I like Woohu, and i still do, so I can't guarenttee that I'll post here as much, Though I probably will, given time. I had an LJ, but I only put up the first post, then forgot about it. I might go back to it one day.

**NOTE**My icon was made by suicidal_eyes on greatestjournal. Go check 'em out!

I'm currently single, there's not many people here to date. There's always the chance someone could be a cousin or something, it's that small a place. I'm not complaining though, I don't mind being single. I'm straight, but a strong advocate of gay and lesbian rights. Fuck George Bush, I think gay marriages should be completely and utterly legal. Not many people around me share my views. This is a long ass Bio.

No I ain't got no high school diploma
No I ain't got no master's degree
But what you got to realize
Is that don't mean shit to me
Because what I want to do in life
Don't take no education
What it takes in pure love and dedication.
Being told I'm gonna go nowhere
Being told I'm gonna do nothing
That shit don't phaze me bitch
I ain't buffin'
Do you really think all the shit you said
That it would phaze me
Guess again you puto
I'm already loco...
Interests:120: 3'z my lucking number, adam's song, afi, aim, allan cummings, atom & his package, being a screw up, bill murray, blink-182, boca meatless products, bowling for soup, breaking the habit, bullshiting, bumble fuck, carousel, cds, celtic culture, chance of a lifetime, cheap shit, check-out line bandit, cheech & chong, cheese, cheesecake, collecting pins, comedies, comedy central, concerts, cuss words, dance hall crashers, dead milkmen, disorder and disarray, dorks, dropkick murphy's, dumb & dumber, east coast, eve 6, everclear, eyeliner, father of mine, finch, freaks, free stuff, fucking up, gaelige, gay comediens, gay rights, geeks, grafitte, green day, hair dye, hitchin' a ride, humor, irish heritage, junk drawer jewelry, less than jake, linkin park, lit, long view, loserkids, lucky charms, lyrics, made in nyc, making psuedo patches, matress tag ripping, meirda mundial, mest, monty python, mother's prayer, movies, music, nail polish, nautical star, nerds, new york state, nfg, no doubt, nofx, numb, oi, online journals, pain reliever testing, peanut butter, pez, pickles, piercings, public nuisance, punk rock academy, rancid, rock shows, rocky horror picture show, sarcasm, scribbling, sharpies, she's gonna break soon, shenanigans, shit, shows, sib, simple plan, ska, slacking off, sleeping, smart-ass remarks, sobe, song writing, stephen lynch, that song, the ataris, the casualties, the goonies, throw the brick, toast and bananas, tropical london, tsunami bomb, up in smoke, vegetarian, vodka, winning stuff, wit, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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