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User:nikkistar02 (92174)
Location:*somewhere*, New York, United States
AOL IM:broken star nikk (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Hi. welcome to my world... there's no turning back.

Well.. yea, my name's Nicole. [to my friends, Nikki]
i am about 5'4 and i have green eyes and medium length brown[ish] hair.

.x. I live in nowheresville. not that it isnt a nice community, i just.. cant wait until i can move away.
I'm a sophmore in high school. yep... and i do like school, minus the 'working' part.. but who doesnt?
I am single. and i'm beginning to think that this will be the state i am in for the rest of my life.. but i do have a crush.. so maybe thre will be a possibility..?
My three best friends who i cherish more than life itself are katie, loreto and rose. and i dont know where i would be without them...

.x. my favorite color[s] are pink, yellow, and purple. [im such a girl lol] and i really love just spending time with my friends, or watching tv. reflecting on myself.

.x. i love california. thats something needed to be stated. it's amazing how much i long to be there.. so maybe im psychotic, but whatev.. it's my life.. so.

.x. i live with my mother, my father, and my little sister, who is 12. we're the pretty standard dysfunctional family. my father has one of those short tempers. so i usually get in trouble if the tv. is too loud, or i am "taking that tone of voice." but.. whatever. My mom.. is the unordinary, ordinary mom. she's there for me, but she's from that "different age group" so.. she doesnt understand my feelings or anything of that sort.. but thats with any mother, isnt it. and my little sister is going through that stage where, anything i do or say, [nomatter what it may be] is amazing, and she's enlightened, and she insists on being exactly like me. and thats my family.

.x. so. when it comes to music.. i'm pretty flexable. i listen to whatever sounds good to me, and what is on the radio at that moment. i have certain things i really adore, but i get pissed off when people ask what music i am into, and i dont know what to say...[punk, pop, rock, emo...what the hell does it all mean?]

.x. im a really emotional person.. so.. things will really bother me and make me cry rather than make me angry.. but. i do have my moments.
especially when i feel betrayed. >:o

and thats just me. you must be really bored after hearing all that stuff. lol but whatev.. it's my blurty, and you chose to read it.
oh another thing.. if you read my blurty, and dont like what your reading, dont criticize me, and just hit the [x] and back off.

thats all. i'm done :o)

Interests:63: addiction, aim, all american rejects, allister, babysitting, beauty, blinkies, blurty, books, boys, california, care bears, chicken, chinese food, computer, dancing, delia's, doctor, earrings, eating, everwood, family, friends, friends., further seems forever, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, hanging out, hate, high school, hot tools, hot topic, hurt, icons, jewelery, joining communities, layouts, lip gloss, lonley, love, making friends, money, music, nine days, pac sun, pizza, reading, romance, salad, san francisco, saved by the bell, school, shopping, simple plan, strawberries, taco bell, tatoos, the oc, the sims, the starting line, the used, wendy's, writing
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