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Below is user information for Nikki. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:nikkigiggles (810047)  
Location:Akron, Ohio, United States
AOL IM:Nikki81102 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:i laugh at everything! i'm a big nerd! i trust everyone until you give me a reason not to! i'm single... but am interested in someone if that makes any damn sence at all lol i have 2 kitty's.. they're adorable! i'm a nursing asst. @ barberton Manorcare and will soon be attending nursing school to be an rn. i love music, mainly punk/rock.. but i listen to about anything.... and i love watching movies! anything that's funny... no sad ones for this girl! lol i hate being sad!!
Interests:97: 2002, 6, abercrombie, applebees, arby's, august 11~ woohoo, bam, being cuddled, blink, blue/green eyes, boycut undies, boyz, burping, candles that smell yummy, caring, cedar point, chocolate milk, clothes, coolwater for women, cuddling, curly hair, daisy's, dancing, days of our lives, dr.phill, flowers, fried octopus, friends, futons, golden corral, hair, hats, hollister, hurley, i hate frankie, i hate most girls, kissing, laughing, lipgloss, lips, long hair, loving, madonna, make up, movies, my black puddle jumper, my cell phone, my hawiian blankets, my legs, my mom, nfg, nursing, ohio, osu, pacsun, pantene..........., passionate kisses from vs, passions, pineapple pizza, ping pong, pink, pink nail polish, recieving lol for hours, rufio, running, sammers, shoes, sleeping, smiling, soccer, something corperate, spiderman, stars, strawberry cheesecake, sublime, subway, super troopers, taco bell, taking back sunday, talking, tanning, tara's boobs, target, the real world, the starting line, the wedding singer, thrice, thursday, tom, tongue ring, trampolines, trying to sing, vanilla scent, wal-mart, weekends, wendy's, what's eating gilbert grape
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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