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Below is user information for Hertha BSC freak. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:neosmatrix (278130)
Name:Hertha BSC freak
Location:near Marburg, Germany
AOL IM:SkydivingKiwi (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:The girl is:

- Maren
- German
- virgo
- sports fanatic
- music and movie lover
- passionate soccer fan
- supports the Dutch national team although she lives in Germany. Get over it.
- interested in politics (F*** George W. Bush and his companions!!)
- wants to become a sports journalist once she's done with university
- has an immense passion for New Zealand and everything that has to do with this country: slang, people, landscape ...
- wants to move to NZ in a couple of years time
- sarcastic, cynical, crazy
- completely addicted to "24" and Kiefer Sutherland
- convinced that skydiving is the best thing ever invented
- not just dreams her life, but actually lives her dreams - at least she tries to do so.
- loves animals (with the exception of spiders, wasps and hornets)
- afraid of hights, fire and spiders
- refuses to drink alcohol, to smoke, or to do any kind of drugs, and doesn't want promiscuity (same for one night stands ...). Boring? You decide.
- allergic to fish and seafood

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Memories:1 entry
Interests:139: 24, 80s music, a perfect circle, adidas, alfred hitchcock, alpine skiing, andre niklaus, animals, aotearoa, aragorn, audiovent, baseball caps, basketball, beach, ben affleck, berlin, bjoern einar romoeren, black, blink 182, blue, blues brothers, bmw williams, bode miller, boys, brooke fraser, bruce willis, buffalo sabres, bush, canada, chewing gum, chicago bulls, chocolate, christchurch, chucks, cyberpunk, cycling, dallas mavericks, decathlon, dhb, die hard, dogstar, dystopias, eminem, emo, fast cars, filter, formula 1, frank von behren, fuel, georg spaeth, george clooney, george orwell, germany's handball national team, goo goo dolls, handball, harley davidson motorcycles, hertha bsc berlin, him, hockey, incubus, indiana jones, jimmy eat world, john irving, john steinbeck, juan pablo montoya, keanu reeves, kiefer sutherland, kiwi slang, knvb, laith al-deen, lance armstrong, lifehouse, linkin park, lord of the rings, matrix, matti hautamaki, metal, metallica, mika hakkinen, millencolin, movies, my dogs, my friends, nba, netherlands, new zealand, nhl, nike, norway, of mice and men, offspring, opshop, pez, poetry, polarbears, pole vaulting, primal fear, psycho, pulp fiction, punk, queenstown, ralf schumacher, ramones, real madrid, red hot chili peppers, ruud van nistelrooy, san jose sharks, simple minds, singapore, skid row, skijumping, skydiving, soccer, sommerset, sonata arctica, soundtracks, sports, star wars, stefan kretzschmar, stephen king, straylight run, system of a down, talking, taproot, teddybears, the ataris, the hotel new hampshire, the sixth sense, tim lobinger, tom clancy, tonic, track & field, u2, usa, viggo mortensen, waves, will smith, william gibson, zinedine zidane
Friends:9: breakingahabit, carito, devils_angel, lhstrawberry, mickeyknox, mywayorbroadway, sinkinthesand, sportsfreak, texas_greggie
Friend of:6: carito, devils_angel, mickeyknox, mywayorbroadway, sinkinthesand, texas_greggie
Account type:Free User

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