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User:neonervegas (512201)  
Name:Christopher Killeen
Location:Mount Holly, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:getawayimscared (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:pyroskater35 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:I am the sort of person who can make himself feel alone in a group of people. Not very outgoing and not very enthusiastic. I try my best to be kind to others no matter how much they try to bring me down. I have an attraction to music and what it does to your mind, body and soul that other things can't do for you at times. I have a commitment to an attempt to stay in shape by exercising and lifting weights. My hopes and dreams are non-existant. I will find what I want from life when it shows me what I want, not by trying to have brainstorms about my interests. I don't believe there is a perfect job for anyone that will make them happy 24/7, but a calling that you realize you were meant to do whether you like it or not and life will tell you what that is when it is time for you to know. Right now I am still in the dark. But I am trying my best to plan for whatver the future could throw at me so I am prepared for the worst. I m not naive.. Actually you will find that not only is it impossible to put one over on me... But I am hard at trusting when people are even telling the truth. Makes me sound like an ass hole to all of you, but I like to consider more of COVERING MY ASS. I enjoy my time alone, and only the company of others if they know me really well. I have a short fuse and even shorter tolerance of strangers, esepcially ones who like to make everyone the punch line of a joke. One more thing, I may seem like the opinions of others bother me, but I really dont care what you think so don't try to judge my personality. You'll never figure me out anyway...
Interests:75: anger, anti-social, anything strawberry, ashley jarvis, bass, biking, blackeyed peas, board games, body, bush, cheese, cheesecake, children, clit, commitment, computer games, confidence, cream cheese, creativity, dancing, death, decency, discussion, discussions, driving, eating, fighting, friendship, fucking, girlfriend, good will, guitar, helping, internet, junk yards, kazaa, key lime pie, knives, life, loyalty, martin luther king jr., movies, music, nirvana, nudity, outside the box, parties, peace., pizza, pleasing, pleasure, privacy, psycho, pussy, relationships, rock, romance, salvation army, scary movie, sex, sexuality, singing, skating, slc punk, strawberry lemonade, t & a, teaching, the 70's, travel, vans, view askew productions, wal mart, weight lifting, women, writing
Friends:5: ithinkyousuck, pinkfaeriebitch, rise_above, swilly921, weirdnj
Friend of:3: h0tsweetdreamz, iamkitty, pinkfaeriebitch
Member of:2: ithinkyousuck, rise_above
Account type:Free User

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