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User:negativtynblack (49182)
Name:Peter Steele
Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States
Bio:I'm a Capricorn.
I'm Russian, Polish, Scottish, and Icelandic.
I'm 6'6" and 240.
I live in my mom's house in the basement with my cats.
I drink red wine. A lot.
I was brought up Roman-Catholic, and Russian Orthodox, and went to Catholic school. I hate it.
I'm a Darwinist/technocrat.
"The European left for making me so rich & famous. Eat shit - white trash media lackeys. Fuck you and your weak world. Die."

"I'm melting in her silhouette by the flickering light of burning dreams. Our shadow, drowning in the flame, dance upon the walls. These texts and journals, cherished for so long are now a pyre of passion, fuel for our lust...I hold her from behind, her heat seeping through our clothes as she lit a cigarette with a burning page. My pulse quickened as she tossed another book onto the blaze and laughed. I knew this was wrong and I loved it. I loved the taste of smoke and wine when we kissed deeply. I dropped to my knees and lifted her short skirt. Her panties, like her bra, burned too quickly, so I tasted her heat. She moaned a beautiful song as she watched her clothing combust, and not once did she look away from the fire...." - From "On The Eve of All Saints"

// Not the real Peter Steele, don't own him, as badly as I wish I did...
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Friend of:8: edgelockwwe, negativtynblack, paul_m_levesque, shanemcmahon, stacy_keibler, trish_stratus_, unprettier_wwe, _sexy_boy_
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