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User:negative_light (450530)
Name:Once in a Green Time
Bio:So I made this journal as a place to just purge everything on my mind. I write a lot about my life...maybe I'm afraid im going to miss it. I'm just an overthinker and an this is my place to overthink and overanalyze everthing...

Interests:144: *love of my life, *my bestest friend, 16 candles, a static lullaby, alexisonfire, alice cooper, aquafina water, art, autumn, avenged sevenfold, bamboo, band-aids, black and white photos, blue oyster cult, boston, boy hits car, brushing my teeth, caterpillers, cheesecake, chimaira, cinnamon flavored floss, classic rock, claude monet, clermont florida, coal chamber, cold sheets, collective soul, crossfade, dancing in the rain, daydreams, donnie darko, drawing, edouard manet, edward scissorhands, ee cummings, elmer's glue, emails from my bubby, emily dickinson, eyeliner, felix the cat, finger eleven, flip-flops, fuel, full devil jacket, glassjaw, glue sticks, godsmack, guitars, guns 'n roses, hearts, homemade recipies, hoodies, hugs, imperfectionism, incubus, interpol, jack kerouac, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, jiminy cricket, joyce tenneson, kisses, late night phone calls, led zeppelin, lemurs, lit, local bands, loitering, lynyrd skynyrd, marbles, metallica, my favorite guitar, my old sneakers, nirvana, oasis, old books, old jean jackets, oleander, our song, peach smoothies, peanutbutter fudge icecream, pez, photography, pierre renoir, piggy banks, pink floyd, pinky toes, poetry, post-it notes, promises, puddle jumping, queen, rage against the machine, rain, real horror movies-not spoofs, rené magritte, revis, rhcp, rush, sevendust, sharpie markers, silly faces, silverchair, skittles, smiles, snow fights, souls, sound of fire crackling, soundgarden, spelling "okay" as "okae", sporks, stars, steven jesse bernstein, stickers, strata, strawberries, sublime, sunsets, sweaty drummers, swedish fish, system of a down, talking to telemarketers, tantric, tesla, the beatles, the brave little toaster, the breakfast club, the doors, the greatful dead, the guess who, the nightmare before christmas, the rolling stones, the who, thursday, toe socks, tool, toothbrush bracelets, underground shows, unloco, van halen, vincent van gogh, wild horses, wishing on stars, zebra cakes.
Friends:6: absent_elements, bubbyluvsu, gutz24x, neerothehero, pimpmaster3, wolfblade
Friend of:18: absent_elements, bubbyluvsu, cherry_bombb, darkened_flame, fading_shadows, glassmailbox, gutz24x, leesea45, mista_teddy, neerothehero, nothings2good4u, pimpmaster3, rejectme, shibbyshyt, takemyhand00, therestomorrow, whydontukillme, wolfblade
Member of:1: dearyou_
Account type:Free User

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