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Below is information about the "The Nebuchadnezzar" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:nebuchadnezzar (157653)
Name:The Nebuchadnezzar
About:This is my ship, the Nebuchadnezzar. It's a hover craft. This is the main deck. This is the core, where we broadcast our pirate signal and hack into the matrix. Most of my crew you already know. This is Apoc, Switch, and Cypher. The ones you don't know - Tank and his big brother Dozer. The little one behind you is Mouse. You... wanted to know what the matrix is? Try to relax... this will feel a little wierd.
Interests:93: agent brown, agent johnson, agent jones, agent smith, agent thompson, ak, andy wachowski, animatrix, anthony wong, apoc, aquinas, aristotle, axel, ballard, bane, baudrillard, binary, brahma, caduceus, carrie anne-moss, colt, commander lock, cypher, descartes, dozer, enter the matrix, ghost, gloria foster, gnosis, heping yuan, hugo weaving, icarus, ice, jada pinkett-smith, jax, joe pantoliano, joel silver, john gaeta, kali, kant, keanu reeves, keymaker, lachy hulme, larry wachowski, laurence fishburne, link, logos, lung yun chou, maggie, malachi, marcus chong, matrix, mauser, merovingian, mjolnir, morpheus, mouse, nebuchadnezzar, neo, nietzsche, niobe, novalis, nozick, oracle, osiris, persephone, philosophy, plato, quine, roland, satre, sellars, seraph, soren, sparks, switch, tank, thadeus, the matrix, the matrix: reloaded, the matrix: revolutions, the twins, tirant, trinity, vector, vigilant, white rabbit, yuen wo ping, yuen woo ping, yuen wu ping, zach staenberg, zee, zion
Members:26: airport, almostawakend2, badboy84, blackestduckest, bruxism, candiedlips, cannedllamas, chaoscommand, chrixxie, cmdr_lock, danradcliffefan, jointhecircus, jrg, kerry06, kwcp, lenny, loserbit, mutantfrogs, polkydotlight, razorhawk, sandbat, soimabanddork, wildwhite, xx_devi_xx, _persephone_, _trinity_
Watched by:8: airport, chaoscommand, cmdr_lock, jrg, lenny, sandbat, soimabanddork, _persephone_
Account type:Early Adopter

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