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Below is information about the "New england furs" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:ne_furs (367374)
Name:New england furs
Location:Massachusetts, United States
About:hey, welcome to mah community. looking for members to keep in contact with and to share anything with. this is an open journal to anyone 18 and up. post anything you want, writing, poetry or even tasteful pictures (nude or not) this is a place to be ourselves. a place to be furry... so enjoy!


1: no ill directed comments towards another member.
2: no furry bashing by non members( you will be banned).
3: respect is not a privledge but it is earned.
4: Absolutely no one under 18 (you will be banned if i learn you are otherwise).
Interests:137: adult toys, aim, air sign, alice in wonderland, ambient, animals, anime, astrology, astronomy, auras, bdsm, binding, bisexuals, black, black lights, blue, blueberries, bondage, books, boots, brown, butterflies, canes, cats, classical, computers, conspiracy, crops, darkwave, ddr, destruction, earth sign, energy, entertainment, europop, exhibitionism, existentialism, family, fire, flowers, flute, friends, furry, furs, fursuits, gags, gaia, games, gauging, goth clubs, goths, gravers, green, handcuffs, happy hardcore, hentai, horror, horses, house, icq, imac, indigo, industrial, inu yasha, irc, jokes, kandi kids, kittens, kool aid, macintosh, magick, mountain dew, movies, mp3's, music, mysteries, new wave, open minds, orange, orion, paganism, peace, pentacles, photography, pie, piercings, platinum, punk, purple, quiet, rain, rainbows, ravers, red, rope, roses, saphires, sensativity, sensualism, sessho maru, sexuality, shadow, shakespear, silver, ska, speakers, spells, spirit, stars, steel drum, stereos, strawberries, swimming, tattooing, tattoos, teasing, techno, thunder, trance, transcendentalism, unicorns, vash the stampede, violets, violins, water sign, whip cream, white, white gold, wine coolers, wire, yaoi, yellow, yiff, ying-yang, zebras, zodiac, zoos
Members:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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