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User:nazi_requiem (325014)
Name:The Mad Poet
AOL IM:SymbolicalyYours (Add Buddy, Send Message)
More than this,

less than that--

pale nothing

and dark everything;

the shadow of self

am I.

So it is said, so it is done. What sad statements can I offer? What can I say. . .which might possibly suggest that you 'know' me? I am the pale one with the dirty glasses and the lank long hair; I am the dark-eyed stranger sitting with drawn knees and a paperback or sketchpad, watching with silent apathy from the library steps. I can tell you nothing. I have no voice.

Decide for yourself.
Interests:45: adolf hitler, anime, art, blood, bright eyes, cats, classical music, console games, dancing, death, dragons, enya, fantasy, flesh field, graphic novels, guilty gear, hallucinations, horror, jack off jill, juno reactor, knives, leah andreone, manga, marilyn manson, nazi germany, philosophy, poetry, rammstein, rasputina, recoil, religion, roleplaying, science fiction, sketching, spiritualism, strategy games, symbolism, techno, trance, vampires, velvet acid christ, vnv nation, weapons, writing, wwii
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: sins_of_god
Account type:Free User

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