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User:nausicaa (100693)
Location:Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:carrielchan (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hi, I'm a college student in the middle of nowhere. Really, I am. I'm from a moderate-sized city, so being stuck in the middle of the farmlands of Pennsylvania leads to a most boring life. I was never much for a social life, but there were at least places to go at home.

Anyway, I'm (probably) majoring in History with a minor in Fine Arts. But who knows. My hobbies include watching anime, roleplaying, reading, drawing, writing, thinking up crappy storylines, and being generally geeky. I really like politics, Harry Potter, and mythology, too. ^_^;

Feel free to add me to your friends list. I love meeting new people.


Various links

My LiveJournal

I maintain snapefans.

I roleplay at hp_enchanted and hogwarts_rp.

My roleplaying journals are:
ilikemuggles, purebloodsnake, justharry, perfectpercy, dungeonstalker, and crystalgazer.


My Blurty Username

Nausicaa is the daughter of Alcinous, ruler of Phaeacia; a sort of utopia in the middle of the ocean. She is compared to Artemis by Odysseus upon meeting her. She can be considered a young Penelope (Odysseus' wife); smart and weary, yet still innocent. She is bold and confronts a very naked Odysseus amongst other things, yet realizes that unlike Kalypso, she cannot contain him and helps him along his way to fair Ithaca.

Interests:140: adult swim, age of enlightenment, alan rickman, ally mcbeal, american history, american politics, amy tan, amélie, andrew jackson, angsty heroes, anime, anthony daniels, anti-religion, anti-slash, apocalypse now, art, babylon 5, batman, british history, c-3p0, calvin and hobbes, cartoons, celtic mythology, chemistry, china, chinese movies, chrono cross, coen brothers movies, danny elfman, dark humor, dogs, douglas adams, england, european history, fantasy, fargo, final fantasy, flute, foreign movies, french, futurama, german history, german movies, germany, ghost world, glass menagerie, glorious revolution, good fellas, graphics programs, gray, greek mythology, harry potter, hitchhiker trilogy, hitchhiker's guide, hogwarts, homer, homestar runner, html, htmling, immanuel kant, introvert, invader zim, j-pop, j-rock, j.d. salinger, j.r.r. tolkien, james joyce, japanese mythology, jenseits von der stille, jhonen vasquez, john calvin, joy luck club, kant, kenneth branagh, kikujiro, kitchen god's wife, l33t, lechers, lola rennt, lord of the rings, lucius malfoy, magic, manga, medieval europe, meg ryan, miroku, mission hill, music, musicals, mythology, nerd boys, nerds, night, nightmare before christmas, norse mythology, not one less, parakiss, percy weasley, perverts, philosophy, politics, princess bride, procrastinating, pucca, pulp fiction, queen, radiohead, rain, reincarnation, republican, rocky horror picture show, ronald regan, rufus shinra, samurai jack, secret hundred senses, sense and sensibility, severus snape, shakespeare, snape, snow, social darwinism, star wars, streetcar named desire, teddy roosevelt, tennessee williams, the beatles, the cardigans, the critic, the odyssey, the road home, the simpsons, thomas hobbes, thomas jefferson, thomas malthus, tim burton, voltaire, website design, when harry met sally, writing, xenogears
Friends:4: bchan, nausicaa, snapefans, _ju_
Friend of:4: bchan, frenchie_kiss, nausicaa, _ju_
Member of:2: rpg_ads, snapefans
Account type:Early Adopter

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