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User:natnat (57818)
Name:Natalie Maines
Website:Good Bye Liars
Location:Austin, Texas, United States
Bio:I'm Natalie Maines. The lead singer of the Dixie Chicks. I'm married to Adrain Pasdar and have a son ( Jackson Slade).

[ I'm fake. I do not know Natalie or the chicks. I;m just a fan so please refrain from Im'ing me telling me I'm not her because I think I know that Already]
Interests:35: adrian pasdar, banjo, bluegrass, brad pitt, carlos santana, children, cmt, dallas cowboys, dixie chickens, dixie chicks, dobro, emily robison, faith hill, felicity, fleetwood mac, friends, grand ole opry, guitars, hank william jr, hank williams, jackson slade, james taylor, johnny cash, kenny chesney, martie maguire, merle haggard, music, scott speedman, shania twain, singing, song writing, stevie nicks, texas, tom cruise, vh1
Friends:10: alittle_faith, bigred_m, call_me_martie, chesney, emily_chick, garylevox, jaydemarcus, miss_leann, nashville_life, natnat
Friend of:105: aaron_b, adamgarcia, affleckish, alli_mack, almostfaith, anthony_thebull, ashley_olsen_, augustus_prew, benson_amber, bigred_m, billy_boyd, call_me_martie, caprice_bourret, carly_l, carly_pope_x, carpenter_chari, channingtatum, charlie_r, chesney, christensen__, chris_carrabba, chris__carrabba, dark_rose, daveboreanaz, dirty_robson, distiller_brody, donna_drummer, dubya_bush, edyta, emily_chick, emily__vancamp, ernielurvesbert, evvann, gcxbilly, gilda_cowboys, hanson_z, ians_glory, james_m, jenna_bean, jenna_jameson, jennifer_garner, jennlovehewitt, jizzoel, joel_from_gc, joyfuljenna, justin_tosco_, just_britney, just_jessi, j_fried, j_mayer, kaci__, kiki_storms, kimberly__c, ki_ki, knoxville, lauren_frost, leigh_wallace, lindsay182, lindz_babii, little_lachey, ljrwitherspoon, lonneke_engel, love2day, lp_chester, lucy__woodward, madonna_, maggie_mcgraw, mariexserneholt, marty_west, mattdamon, michealseater, michelle_kwan, milaxkunisx, miss_shania, mostlymarit, mtv_gideon, natnat, notreallyjoey, oliver_james, otown_trevor, quinnxxxallman, rob_thomas, sara__l, scottmft, scottxxfoley, scott_mft, shawn_ashmore, shinoda_mike, stacey_x_farber, steve_looker, stratusfaction, s_evans, texasgirly, thriller_mj, tim_mcgraw, urhahn, v_diesel, weinstock, will_estes, wl_kian_, wl_shane, xscottx, _anna__faris, _annehathaway, _simon
Member of:2: alittle_faith, nashville_life
Account type:Early Adopter

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