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User:nataliewould (236386)
Name:natalie would
Location:South Carolina, United States
AOL IM:you are slack (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Is anything we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?
Interests:122: 77, 80's metal, 999, absolutely fabulous, adolescents, andy's mmmhmmmm-ing, andy-sleeping-in-my-bed, andyyyyy, bats, beatles, boots, bracelets, cabaret, caspar-o'-exquisite corpse, cat power, cc deville, clash, cobra commander, cockney rejects, comedic chaos, coming-up-with-livejournal-interests, cosby show, crying a river, cyndi lauper, dana carvey, days-of-our-lives-flashbacks, dead boys, dee snider, denouncing-saddam-on-my-blog, donnie darko, eddie izzard, exquisite corpse, eyeliner, german expressionism, gilda radner, guns-n-roses, handfuls-of-cheez-its, harlem globetrotters, harpo marx, hedwig-and-the-angry-inch, horror punk, hows-your-news?, icees, iron maiden, jeanne-moore-did-it, jesus, joe-mommaism, john lennon, john lydon, johnny rotten, judas priest, kate bush, la regina dei vamipiri, lady of the lake, lagaan, laverne & shirley, like-gasoline-you-want-to-pump-me, lol-ing, madeline kahn, making-mario-breakdance-to-nintendo-music, man ray, manic street preachers, marilyn monroe, marx brothers, merlin, mesh hats, monty python, motley crue, nametags & hairnets, nancy spungen, natalie wood, neil young, night of the hunter, nikki sixx, nosebleeds, pick necklaces, plastic bertrand, pointing out the obvious, poo factories, pop art, psychobilly, public image limited, pumpin-up-the-jam, punch drunk love, pvc, queen mab, rat pack, robert bird, sammy davis jr., screaming, sean michael costello, sex pistols, sid vicious, skate thrash, skulls, suicidal tendencies, surrealism, tabs up, tap-dancing-with-sammy-davis-jr, the cramps, the graduate, the jam, the young ones, this modern world, todd haynes, two straws, ultra-modern-spatoons, vampire circus, velvet goldmine, vinyl, vortex zine, waking-up-at-4am-to-kiss-andy, wayne's world, wendy o. williams, yelling, yelling at everything, yelling at max, yelling at my nintendo, yelling at the cath, yelling at the tv, yelling in my car, you shut up
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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