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Below is user information for Nashida. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:nashida (111287)
Location:Arlington, Texas, United States
Bio:Just a student of life starting over.
Interests:136: ani difranco, anna akhmatova, audre lorde, audrey hepburn, autumn, bad puns, barefoot, beastie boys, beetches, bellinis, bernie mac, bharati mukherjee, big noses, blink-182, books, boy meets world, bugs bunny, cartoon network, cartoons, cats, charade, cheap laughs, chocolat, chris noth, clam chowder, claude chalhoub, coco by chanel, cold weather, count basie, cute babies, cute boys, dappled sunlight, dark-haired boys, david garza, deftones, dictionaries, dr pepper, duke ellington, earl grey tea, editing, edward gorey, exchange theory, faith, falling in love, feminism, flirting, flowers, fog, free will astrology, friends, funny guys, girl drink drunk, grease, griffin and sabine, hair, hair color, happy, highlights, hijab, iced tea, inxs, islam, jane's addiction, jeremy northam, just-so postcards, kids in the hall, kitties, language, lenny kravitz, light, lip gloss, loud laughs, magazines, magnum p.i., map of love, mel brooks, middle eastern music, middle eastern studies, miles davis, movies, mr. wodka, multiculturalism, music, mychael danna, nail polish, neil gaiman, newspapers, nine inch nails, northern california, oded fehr, old 97s, peasant feet, pens, photography, piano, piano players, poetry, poppy z. brite, possession, powerpuff girls, purses, quarashi, religion, road trips, ryan adams, seasons, sex and the city, sheryl crow, shiner beer, shoes, sightseeing, sisters, smallville, smells, sociology, soy, starting over, strangely attractive, swampy pete, tarot, the the, the vacant lot, tolerance, tom & jerry, tomato nation, tori amos, trees, understanding, vera wang, vodka, walking, willie nelson, words, x-files, young frankenstein, youngest child
Friends:7: heartlesswench, ilexa, johnnydangerous, mmm_walaa, papertiger, samia, velvetcunt
Friend of:4: ilexa, lexsgirl78, samia, thelxepeia
Account type:Early Adopter

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