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Below is information about the "When I was young I knew everything" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:name_that_lyric (299490)
Name:When I was young I knew everything
Website:maintainers blurty
About:This blurty is one huge ass game of name that lyric. so c'mon ppl... join up.

WEEEEEEE! C'EST MOI! PHILLY! LA MAINAINER.'s my blurty. leftontrack
Interests:108: 311, 99x, a perfect circle, acdc, acoustic, afi, all american rejects, alternative, anti-flag, army of me, bands, better than ezra, blank reality, bob marley, buddy holly, cake, cheese, chevelle, cky, classic rock, coheed and cambria, covers, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, dead kennedys, dispatch, dmb, drums, emo, evanescence, fender, finch, flogging molly, games, geetar, gorillaz, guitar, hot hot heat, jimi hendrix, less than jake, lets sing it, limp bizkit, linkin park, local bands, lyric, lyrics, midtown, mp3s, music, music midtown, name that lyric, navy, nine inch nails, no doubt, nofx, oasis, one man army, outkast, ozzfest, pennywise, power chords, punk, queen, queens of the stonage, radio, rage against the machine, rammstien, ratm, red hot chili peppers, relient k, rhcp, rock, s.t.u.n., screaming infidelities, screamo, ska, smash mouth, smashing pumpkins, sound garden, sr71, staind, sublime, sugarcult, tabs, taking back sunday, tenacious d, the ataris, the beatles, the distillers, the hives, the kinks, the start, the used, the vines, three doors down, trapt, treephort, tsunami bomb, unsung zeros, vendetta red, verve pipe, warped tour, wasted silence, weezer, white stripes, winamp, yellowcard, zwan
Members:96: anemicandsweet, angered_fairy, angry_pajamas, ballz_, benji_owns_me, bleakxtears, brokenxpromisex, brooklyndreamz, cari_unscripted, cheapshots, circusmind, coffee_and_cigs, crazygcfan, dana_x_naders, dingleysgirl, dont_apologize, eatme9, educated_guess, emoliciousbunny, fallingxapart, freak4nocircus, fuckitimhere, gcpsychochick90, heretodream, hnybnchofoats11, hyperspastic27, hypnotize_me, iamtwix, imnotsoterrible, insanecrazychik, inventedthecure, ishhassieleute, ittybitty3, jamisfreerider, kait_35, kateisgreat, krzykt1416, leftontrack, lilmxedupgirlie, lilyofsaturn, littleheknows, lowflying, luckycb731, meshy, missedthephone, my_black_tears, my_nirvana, n0_d0ubt_r0cker, needs_a_name, nirvanarocks12, noctiluca_deae, notaplaya, ocracoke, outsidelookinin, paperxdollie, patrickxcore, pattyleah, pea_nutty, picnicforpeapus, pinkretard, rageoverme, rara_the_loser, realcoolkat, redxnightxsky, rote_kraut, s3xk1tt3nf0rj00, she_came_undone, sickndehed, slowmotion_life, slr155, spiral_notebook, subsequent, summerland, sweetsellout, tell_me_lies, theshibby6794, theusedntbs, twinobodywanted, untitledsong, uwishuwere, venusproxxy, victoriaclara, weirdmanda, whitegarbage, whitegarbage84, writemeasonnet, xchemicalheartx, xebertgirlx, xlittlesparkeex, xnotaprettygirl, xsourxgirlx, xtooxfarxgone, xxfadedstarxx, yourbabyangel41, zealouscease, _yummish
Watched by:31: bleakxtears, circusmind, coffee_and_cigs, freak4nocircus, fuckitimhere, hideyoursons, hypnotize_me, iamtwix, insanecrazychik, kateisgreat, krzykt1416, leakyfishbowl, leftontrack, lilyofsaturn, manic_phoenix, meshy, n0_d0ubt_r0cker, nirvanarocks12, notaplaya, picnicforpeapus, rote_kraut, slr155, theshibby6794, uwishuwere, venusproxxy, weirdmanda, writemeasonnet, xebertgirlx, xlittlesparkeex, xnotaprettygirl, xxfadedstarxx
Account type:Free User

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