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Below is user information for barbie girl. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mz_kitty (70001)
Name:barbie girl
Location:Leesburg, Virginia, United States
AOL IM:dollface bella x (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:feisty_purr_xx (Add User, Send Message)

Title/Description[abOut me !!]Title/Description

Title/Description hey my name is Dianne - aka - mariah - kitty - shakira - shawty . and kinky... my birthday is March 27. im an aries. ;] im 17 years old. i go to Stone Bridge Hiqh School. lol. i live in tha burg 7 0 3 Va - very boring I have blonde hair my friends call me pornstar barbie . i'm 5'3 , have big hazel eyes and im kinda tan ;\ and i'm now single ;( .

Title/Description[ i @m... ]Title/Description

Title/Description random + outgoing + goofy + unpredictable + open-minded + a dork + one of a kind + one of the fellas + flirty + childish + brutally honest + cuddly + a ditz + a spazz + easily confused + thick + a shopper + charizmatic + trustworthy + friendly + a princess + romantic + a nymph + sweet + perky + loveable + seksi + beautiful + a social butterfly + me

Title/Description[ thingz that c@tch my fan¢y ]Title/Description

Title/Description sleeping + shopping + aim + movies + cruzin + muzic + rap + r&b + dancing + angelina jolie + summer + clothes + fake nails + tanning + metal + latin dancing + makeup + lipgloss + laughing + cool whip + hopeless romantics + flowers + beach + flip * flops + journals + food + pooL + sex + 6 flags + techno + kitties + my friends<3 + having sex with lisa's mom ;] + more…

Title/Description[ sTaLk Me ]Title/Description

Title/Description AIM: dollface bella x // Tits on the go
YaHoO: feisty_purr_x // KnottyGrrl869
Interests:150: 18 visions, 311, a.f.i., albinos, amusement parks, angelina jolie, anita's, anthrax, art, autistic children, babbling, bath & body works, bbd, being in control, bettie page, big lips, bile, black people, bling bling, blood, bondage, boy meets world, break dancing strippers, caffeine, cannibal corpse, cannibalism, carny, cartoons, charles manson, cheese, chinese food, chocolate covered strawberries, cky, clubbing, concerts, crazy orgys, dancing, death metal, deicide, diecast, downsyndrome, dr. pepper, drawing, dykes on bikes, easy mac, ebonics, expensive things, fire, flirting, foreplay, french manicures, gary coleman, gia, gin and juice, glitter, goatees, hair dye, hannibal lecter, homosexuals, hopeless romantics, horror movies, hugs, inbreeds, inflames, infomercials, insane asylums, invader zim, jennifer tilly, jenny jones, johnny depp, jungle fever, kidney thieves, kitties, lamb of god, lip gloss, lollipops, ludacris, mardi graz, mariah carey, mary-kate and ashley olsen, meeting new people, mind-altering substances, miss cleo, missy elliot, mr. potato head, music, nevermore, ocean city, old people, omar santana, oswald the octopus, outkast, painting, parties, pauly shore, pedophiles, photography, piercings, pixy stix, popeyes, porn, powerpuff girls, price is right, prostitutes, psychics, queer as folk, r&b, radiohead, rainbows, red heads, res, road trips, rotwillers, ryan reynolds, s&m, sented markers, sephora, serial killers, sex and the city, sex kittens, shakira, sharp objects, shiny objects, shopping, simpsons, six feet under, sleeping, snowcaps, sopranos, soul food, spencer's, sponge bob squarepants, stalkers, starbucks, stevo the crock hunter, straight jackets, super models, tattoos, techno, the exorcist, the shining, the smell of gasoline, those rides in wal-mart, twizlers, vanilla, walls of jericho, white zombie, wild cherry pepsi, your mom, zoos
Friends:47: advancedsextips, angelinas_fans, burtaciouskay, chikitty, cunt_conscious, darkenedangel, dementedloser, djkurt, dlpdtdfaerytale, dyoustillhateme, fivexfive, forgotten_heart, foxxy_gurl2004, humannipple, in_the_shadows7, joemama, joornal, killintheweak, leigha525, livinglarge5903, luckycb731, makeupwhores, mallory56, mangled_puppet, misanethrope, mommynoooo, mrskaty, mymindwritten, mz_kitty, perfectnpink23, quizdiva, qvoh, secretlybleedin, sexymofo41, shannon_bananon, shessounusual, t00_ad0rable, teenageriot_x, thebombshells, thehoste, vinx, wankoi523, wankoi69, xbreathexpainx, xrawkmehw0rld, _foxx, _tangerine
Friend of:29: burtaciouskay, darkenedangel, djkurt, dyoustillhateme, fingerman075, fivexfive, forgotten_heart, foxxy_gurl2004, humannipple, in_the_shadows7, jack_bauer, mallory56, mangled_puppet, mymindwritten, mz_kitty, perfectnpink23, pornopenguin, qvoh, secretlybleedin, sexymofo41, shannon_bananon, shessounusual, t00_ad0rable, vinx, wankoi523, wankoi69, wattmego, xheartbroken, xrawkmehw0rld
Member of:7: advancedsextips, angelinas_fans, cunt_conscious, lay_me_out, makeupwhores, thebombshells, webdesigns
Account type:Early Adopter

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