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User:myusernamerules (125780)  
Location:Runnemede, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:d o r k izzle (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 136263473 (Add User, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:glitter_goth_xx (Add User, Send Message)
This Is A Friends Only Journal

heartbreak, a fake smile, and 2000 miles

Sign By Me

This is a friends only journal... Sorry but I need to know who reads my journal. If you really want to know about me and get added as a friend you have to follow these things:

[x] Comment sometimes
[x] DuNt tYpE LyK DiZ y0
[x] If we have nothing in common don't add me
[x] Don't put me or my ideas down.
[x] Add me first.
[x] Comment here tell me you added me

Thats all...
Not to bad... Add me if you still want to.


Friends Only Signs Made For Me
Bg &* FO by Cruz
** FO by Tracy
FO by Jessica


Friends Only Signs Made By ME


Name: Manda Born As: Loc: New Jersey County: Camden County Sex: Female Height:Very Short 4' somethin Weight:Average uh 96 I think Occupation: student, loser, being dorky lil old me Sibblings:Only Child Pets: 2 dogs (Jasmine $ Jake) 1 lizard (Iggie) 1 mouse (Twilight) Horoscope:Cancer Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown with blond and red highlights Bday: July 8 Statz: heartbroken Lovin: </3> Number: 0817, 0340 Cell: 4255
The WeatherPixie
Click for Deptford, New Jersey Forecast


I Married Benji Madden at _marryme
I have a special MOD Marriage ,I Married Benji Madden, Jeremiah Rangel, Pierre Bouvier, Cone, and Tom Delong at _famous_love
I Married Benji Madden at _get_marri3d_
I Claimed Jeremiah from Mest at claim_a_soul
I Claimed Cone From Sum 41 at claim_a_soul
I Claimed The Word Poopsicle at claim_a_word
I Claimed Mest's Self-Titled Album at claim_an_album
I Claimed The Sex Pistols at claimyourband
I Claimed July 8 at _birthdays
I Claimed March 11 at _birthdays
I Claimed The Store Journey's at claim_a_store
I Claimed Matt Lovato at claim_a_guitar
I Claimed Until I Met You at name_that_tune
I Claimed Butters (SouthPark) i_want_it
I Claimed Cone (Sum 41) i_want_it
I Claimed Emily The Strange i_want_it
I Claimed Jeremiah Rangel (Mest) i_want_it
I Claimed Mest i_want_it
I Claimed Tom Delonge (Blink 182) i_want_it
I Claimed Y100 i_want_it
I Claimed Unwell by Matchbox20 i_want_it


The Sugarcult Kids!


Band I Like

AFI, The Used, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Rancid, Mxpx, Less Than Jake, Weezer, Mest, Blink 182, The Donnas, Kittie, SilverChair, Thursday, Korn, GreenDay, Taking Back Sunday, Bowling For Soup, Rock Kills Kid, Sex Pistols, Minor Threat, Social Distortion, Dashboard Confessional, Ac/Dc, American Hi-Fi, Barenaked Ladies, Beastie Boys, Billy Idol, Bloodhound Gang, Box Car Racer, System Of A Down, GC,Dead Kennedys, Disturbed, Drowning Pool, 3 Doors Down, Eve 6, Goo Goo Dolls, Gorillaz, Garbage, Goldfinger, Simple Plan, Incubus, Sublime, Jimmy Eat World, Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy, Sr-17, Eyeliners, Ramones, Death By Sterio, GlassJaw, Nofx, SugarCult, Halo Friendlies, Queens Of The Stone Age, All American Rejects, White Stripes, The Vines, NFG, Thrice, The Strokes, POD, MatchBox 20, Smashing Pumpkins, ColdPlay, Unwrittin Law, Ataris, Cold, The Starting Line, Misfits, Anti-Flag, Zwan, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, NickelBack, AudioSlave, The Moody Blues, No Use For A Name, Offspring, Tears for Fears, CKY, Conflicting Emotions, Papa Roach, Generation X, The psychedelic furs, Slipknot,The Distllers, Alien Ant Farm, Missing Gef, The Clash, The Cure, AM Radio, Operation Ivy, Alkaline Trio, ICP, Sex Pistols, Taproot, Tuuli, 12 stones, Collide, Mindless Self Indulgences, T.a.T.u., Tsunami Bomb, F-Minus, Slick Shoes, Wakefield, My Chemical Romance, Boy Sets Fire, GOB, Bright Eyes, Wheatus, Rooney, The Troys, Brand New, The Starting Line, and more


Rock One Benji - Version 1
Pink Faded Benji - Version 2
Rainbow Davey - Version 3
Purple Gir - Version 4
Pink Bright Eyes - Version 5
New Mixed Photos Bright Eyes - Version 6
Mixed Bands - Version 8
Red Blink 182 - Version 9
Red Finch - Version 10
Black&White Conor - Version 11
Red Cut - Version 12
Paul Frank Bus - Version 13
Special Kitty - Version 14 (Current)


My Live Journal
My Dead Journal
My Tag Board
ilikeevilmwhaha (My Other Username)




nitemareb4xmas7Is my best friend in the whole wide world. I love you Taylor! You are the all time best. You are the only person who understands me and I can call at the same times. Even though I don't have a sister I know that we would be closer then sisters. Love you! Call me everyday! Why did you move?? I miss you so much!


Last Words
Tay I <3 you so much
Luff to Rachie-Poo
Jerey-poo makes me horney-poo (lmao rach)
jere is prettier then benji HAHA


To My Blurty Friends

Aug. 28, 03
Memories:6 entries
Interests:139: \m/, acting like a idiot, aim, ap, band shirts, bass, beaches, beenies, black nailpolish, bunny fuck, bunnys, candy, carebears, cartoons, cds, cell, chains, chuck taylors, civic tour, coffee, coffee houses, concerts, cookie monster, darkness, dickies, dogs, dorks, dvds, elmo, emo, emo-ness, emolicious, eyeliner, f'ing mest, fan fiction, friends, funny socks, funny words, gamecube, gir, gizmo, glue, god damn mest, hair dye, happy bunny, hockey, homestar runner, hoodies, horoscopes, hot topic, hugs, invader zim, italy, jenny jones, jere, jeremiah, jeremiah fucking rangel, jeremiah rangel, jerry springer, kik girl, lakes, law and order, leopards, level 27, lightning, little nicky, lizards, love, magic, matt lovato, maury, memories, mest, milkshakes, money, monkeys, mountain dew, music, mutha fuckin jeremiah rangel, nerds, nick gigler, night, old school, old stuff, pepsi blue, pets, philly, phones, photography, pins, pixie stix, pixies, pjs, poetry, pools, posters, punk music, rain, records, rock music, rollar coasters, rubber braclets, rubber duckies, sadness, saftey pins, skulls, snoopy, snow flakes, spikes, spin, spongebob, sports, stupid crap, sugar, summer, tacos, talking, that 70's show, the simpsons, thunder storms, tigger, tinker bell, tony lovato, tv, twix, vacations, vans, warped tour, web design, y100, yahoo, zodiac, ©, Ü, , , , ,
Friends:31: anti_muggle, aquabatschika, badstar_, blackeyeliner_, blinx, chaos_777, debutantepunk, emolunchbox, emo_kid, fisherprice, freekiegreekie, greathoudini, hit_or_miss, i_love_bluebear, kiss_ma_ace, korn_freak, marejaney, morbidbeauty, myusernamerules, nitemareb4xmas7, plaid_aint_punk, punk_rock_poser, sweetiepiejess, tartcart3, unknownentity, wee_giant, weirdxsilence, whenkellycries, y0urmomsd0rk, __antisocial, ___addiicted
Friend of:47: anti_muggle, babygirljade, beaner, blinx, dancingtroll18, debutantepunk, emolunchbox, fallingpictures, festivals0ng, feversxmirrors, fuck_up, ilikeevilmwhaha, iluvbluemonkeys, i_love_bluebear, jadedtearz, kissofdeath_ri, korn_freak, lipstlcked, marejaney, mestupriotgrl, midnight_kitten, myusernamerules, nekoprincess, nitemareb4xmas7, plaid_aint_punk, punkrockladee, safety_pinz, starsxcollide, strawberrigurly, tartcart3, tearsin_myheart, unknownentity, uselessemotions, wee_giant, weirdxsilence, whenkellycries, willow_rose, xafixstarx, xbrokenreality, xdashboardloser, xmaddenx9x, xoxox_cindia, xxemo_loserxx, x__lea, y0urmomsd0rk, __skittle, ___addiicted
Member of:117: adoptacharater, adoring_seb, aimicons, aim_convos, alkalinextrio, all_things_rock, animal_rights, anti_avril, anti_pop, ataris_music, badrolemodel, beautifulfreaks, beforeyoujudge, boylove, bracelet_whores, brandnew, brandnewfans, brighteyes_fans, charmed, claimursinger, claimyourband, claim_an_item, claim_a_candy, claim_a_cock, claim_a_friend, claim_a_guitar, claim_a_soul, claim_a_store, claim_a_word, claim_me, claim_me_now, claim_my_body, claim_watu_want, claim_yo_bitch, clone__high, close_friends, crush_my_heart, crymelyrics, dashboardfans, davey_havok_afi, djsteversrocks, drive_thru, emailpenpals, emobandaid, emojerseyrock, emokids, emolyrics, emomart, emo_cool_kids, emo_girls, emo_kids, emo_tearz, fhqwhgads, finchfans, freakme, friendsonlysign, fuct_up_kids, geeks_are_us, gir_lovers, haggard_bam, hav0k_wh0res, hello_kitty_fan, holy_matrimony, hoodiewhores, iloveska, invaderxzim, invite_codes, jackassness, jerseygirlsrock, jetblacknewyear, jimmyfallonfans, kitty_ears, layout_haven, layout_world, lay_me_out, lifeisaxsong, loser_kids, lyricsnquotes_, maddenlovatorgy, mest_pimps, mest_up, name_that_tune, newfriends, no_more_avril, pierretastic, positivexyouth, punkettes__, quizzrz, rock_icons, rpg_ads, snl_fans, stripeswitplaid, strongbadrocks, sugarcult, sunrise_sunset, the_different, the_sex_pistols, toon_character, trading_codes, vain, wannapaulhug, weirdnj, whenstarsfall, xcarexbearx, xnot_normalx, _afireinside_, _birthdays, _braceletxwh0re, _claim_a_song_, _distillers, _evanescence, _famous_love, _marryme, _simple_plan, __quizzes__, __startingline, __tbsfans
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