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Below is information about the "MyTwoCents" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:mytwocents (202260)
Location:Bradford, United Kingdom
About:Anyone who just wants to rant about anything.... join. Suicide, school, shit like that. Why is it here? Purely because I want people to listen what each other has to say about some subjects.

Such as music, and the aforementioned. Angry people, suicidle people, depressed people, stressed fuckers very much welcome.

Enough crap promotion....

Remember, it's just a place to crash your head into.

Interests:104: anime, art, baggy clothing, birds of prey, black, black flag, blood, bloodred, brody armstrong, calligraphy, cantonese, cds, chains, china, chocolate, courtney love, crazy, crimson, daydreams, death, depression, drama, dreams, dudes, emotions, extreme, fanart, fanfictions, fighting, flashbacks, gameboy, gangs, goth, graphic design, grunge, hair dye, hellcat, hole, horror, humor, hwoarang, ideas, images, insanity, internet, japan, jeff hardy, kickass boots, korea, korean, kurt cobain, languages, laptops, leather, lee chaolan, legends, lightning, lita, loud, lyrics, machemfg, mafia, mandarin, moon, mosher, movies, msn, murderdolls, music, naivety, names, nancy spungon, night sky, nocturnal, opinions, personality, photography, piercings, protests, punk, punk bands, rancid, rock, scare, scars, schitzophrenia, screennames, skateboards, skittles, solitude, spikes, stone cold, stripes, taekwondo, tattoos, tekken, the distillers, tradegy, tv, websites, weird stuff, wolves, wrestling, writing
Members:5: cherishedone, lestat_is_god, normalblood, pinupprincess, thepoetess
Watched by:4: cherishedone, normalblood, pinupprincess, thepoetess
Account type:Free User

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