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Below is user information for Lexi. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mystic_chic (92455)
Location:Old Forge, New York, United States
AOL IM:CrazyMysticChic (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm an 20yr old female from a small town in Upstate NY. I work with a crazy bunch of guys and gals, and go to school with some even crazier people. I'm off in college right now in Syracuse. I'm missing everyone from home.
Here is where I write some of my most intimate feelings and some things I just feel like saying.
Memories:3 entries
Interests:107: 5th wheel, 80's music, after the rain, aim, all-american rejects, allister, andruw jones, atlanta braves, baseball, being a dork, being a loser, being lazy, being weird, ben stein, blind date, blurty, bowling for soup, boy meets world, brazil, buffalo chicken wrap, chipper jones, conan o'brien, cuddling, dean koontz, dennys, dinner, dolphy day, drinking, dunkin donuts, dvds, eating, elimadate, enchanted forest, equality, food, fox, freaky friday, friends, full house, goldfinger, good charlotte, guys, hanging out, harry potter, hot sauce, housing, ice cream, identity, jokes, kissing, lemoyne, lori summers, love, lunch, marcus giles, mean girls, monkeys, movies, music, my dad's cooking, naps, nelson, new found glory, nick @ nite, no place for hate, off by one, offspring, old forge, partying, penguins, photography, picking on people, pierre bouvier, plot twists, pou, procrastination, psychology, punk, punk'd, rain, reading journals, roller blading, ronnie and julie, roseanne, ryan stiles, scanning pictures, scary movies, simple plan, sleeping, softball, speghetti, staying up all night, stupid people, subway, sugarcult, summer, surfing the net, surprise parties, the ataris, the simpsons, the starting line,, vh1, walnuts, warped tour, water safari, whose line
Friends:8: americansyra06, biodolphy1824, blueorchid18, djrfn89, duffball, lynniecheer, murphysa, satyrspeak
Friend of:7: biodolphy1824, blueorchid18, djrfn89, duffball, lynniecheer, satyrspeak, xpoetictragedy
Member of:4: advicenanswers, im, simpleplanfans, _simple_plan
Account type:Early Adopter

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