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Below is user information for miss sobriety.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:myperfectenemy (897506)
Name:miss sobriety.
Website:the spazz.
Location:Hudson, Florida, United States
AOL IM:considertheslip (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:my current mood courtesy of The current mood of steeni at

I am no good with getting straight to the point, but I always get there eventually. Someone I loved once with all my little heart encouraged me to register with Blurty back in March of 2005. He doesn't use the site (or me) anymore, but I am actively here. More often than not, you'll find my name on the "Top 10 Most Active Journals" on the Blurty homepage. It wasn't intentional at first.

I am 19 and idealisitc. I break down everything in life into simple, solveable, logical mathematical equations. I never underanalyze and always overthink. I always listen to my gut, but I only act upon this first instinct if it is rational. I am entirely in control, except for those rare occasions when I am not.

Out of all my interent dwellings, I am the most open and honest here. I may have some of the most cryptically structured (and entirely random) entries you have ever read but they are all very dear to me. I'll let you read what you want and feel free to ask questions. I can't promise that I won't answer you just as cryptically as my original message. I am trying to work on this, but I think I am addicted to the way I think.

I like to have fun but I am so over the party scene. For me, the parties all happened 2-3 years ago, and now I have moved on. I admit I get frustrated when others can't won't do the same. I am extremely picky when it comes to sex but hardly discriminate with my music. I love Tori Amos, Porcelain and the Tramps, Lil Wayne, Atreyu, and I encourage you to visit my account. Enjoy my radical tastes, recommend me new music, friend me. :]

I love to love in all ways save for romantically. I tend to feel trapped and claustrophobic in relationships of any sort and have trust issues that are hard for me to ignore. I love a good mosh pit and a good show. I love feeling close to people; I love feeling connected. I have a red balloon tattooed on my back to remind me of my past. It's on my back because the past is behind me, finally.

I still have my memories, many saved here on Blurty and the rest burned into my brain.

I promise I won't judge you harshly until I get to know you first.
And I can only hope for the same in return.

Memories:60 entries
Interests:66: a helping hand, across the universe, anita blake, atreyu, balloons, community college, concerts, continuity, converse, courage, courtney love, depression, devotion, effort, emotion, equality, everything you're afraid of, fighting for your rights, florida, girly, guns, hearts, hollywood undead, idealism, independence, jeffree star, kurt cobain, life, lightning, lil wayne, love, math, megan mccauley, mindsay, mosh pits, myspace, obsession, passion, peace, pizza, placebo, porcelain and the tramps, questionable content, qwantz, rain, rainbows, sex, skulls, sleep, sleepless nights, soulmates, standing up for yourself, starry eyes, starry skies, stars, strength, tattoos, the scene, threadless, tori amos, used books, used cds, wisdom, xkcd, your voice, zen
Friends:9: calla, chocolateerotic, daggerwolfie, junkybabe, photography, sextips, tornintopieces3, whycut, xaphidromanticx
Friend of:32: ausedboy, babybird707, beautyfadesx, boyzkissingboyz, briuh_, br_it_in_i, calla, callmeroger, chocolateerotic, cutmedeadly, cutthecrap, daggerwolfie, ejaculations, expiative, funnylingus, hullaba_loser, kinderwhore7, knifetoheart_x, monkey_knight, ot_sarah_ep, paisleysmile, redhead88, sommeil, starlilly, suzzzzzzzzzzy, sweetpeezy, tonymoon, tornintopieces3, xaphidromanticx, xdrunk, xunique_beautyx, yourepretty
Member of:7: advancedsextips, blurtysecret, eroticstories, paintedwords, photography, sextips, smiles_are_lies
Account type:Free User

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