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User:myfuckinjournal (383530)
Website:my dead journal
Location:Ashland City, Tennessee, United States

im deathchamber on all of those, u wanna know stuff about me, go there?
Interests:121: alice in chains, anarchy, andy, angels fuck, antiflag, apples, athiest, bad brains, being a whore, bikini kill, blood, blood for blood, bush, candlebox, chevelle, computers, cuts, dead kennedys, deadjournal, dying, eminem, emo, expelled, eyeliner, eyes, faction, fear of dying, from ashes rise, fucking randomly, getting hated, grunge, guys, harry potter, hating hate, hating people, hating people i love, hating war, having fun, homicide, horror, hypocrisy, insomnia, jack off jill, jackoff jill, james, jonn, korn, kurdt kobain, kurt cobain, laughing, le tigre, lipgloss, lithium, local bands, love, marilyn manson, metal, minor threat, murdering animals, music, nashville, nine inch nails, nirvana, operation ivy, opeth, our lady peace, pacifier, pagan, pain, pavement, people, perfect circle, photography, pictures, piercings, pinhead gunpowder, pink floyd, pizza, poems, poetry, propagandhi, punk, radiohead, rain, rancid, razors, reading, reagan youth, real love, red, red hot chili peppers, religion, rock, roses, safety pins, sarcasm, silverchair, soundgarden, staind, stiff little fingers, strawberries, strawberry gashes, suicidal tendencies, suicide machines, system of a down, taking advantage of people, the casualties, the devotchkas, the exploited, the eyeliners, the melvins, the virus, vans, vegan, vegans, vegetarians, wiccan, witchcraft, witches, writing, youth brigade.
Friends:3: josh_is_an_ass, stolenkiss1016, worldsminority
Friend of:3: josh_is_an_ass, stolenkiss1016, worldsminority
Account type:Free User

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