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Below is user information for the time it hurts worst it when you arent here. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:my_ey3s (41877)
Name:the time it hurts worst it when you arent here
Bio:·..¤ *RANDOM FACTS* ¤..·´
name: mattye
username: /~my_ey3s
birthday: April 30th
height: 5'5"
hair: brown, short with few natural highlights.
eyes: green with brown flecks
hobbies: cheering, journaling, tlaking sleeping, eating, daydreaming, writing, wishing i had someone
favorite shows: will & grace, friends, frasier, charmed, alias, celebrity mole hawaii, road rules, bachelor / bachelorette
music: pop, r&b, hard rock

to DAN:
"if nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?"

·..¤ *ABOUT THE GiRL* ¤..·´
her names mattye! she is on ojh cheer! yay go her! she doesnt intend on getting off ojh cheer for next year either, (or she hopes not). some nicknames she has are mattye boom, mattye poo? (thanks to ashley), matt moo, mattye moo, cupcake (inside joke), rah rah rah lets go yEaH! (thanks to megan), and princess (from her loverly grandma). i love anytype of small animals! she says they are so kute! u just wanna eat them all up, wait, no, no yah dont! haha. i guess you could call her nice, hyper, LoUd, weird, crazy, happy, mean?, funnny, smart, and a lotr lover!

·..¤ *THE LOOK* ¤..·´
she has brown hair. its short, although its not guy short, (or normal guy short.) she is planning on getting her nose peirced and getting a tattoo on her lower back of a fairy, butterfly, or star. she is not fat, but is not skinny. she is one average girl. she is considerd a prep at her school although she does not act or dress like one. she was once told she looked like cameron diaz, by a fat kid that was yelling at her. that is the only time she has ever been told she looked like a movie star. she does not wear glasses/contacts, and she has never worn braces and will never need to.

·..¤ *HER LiKES* ¤..·´
her favorite singer is xtina but she does not like her... revealingness. she does like her music. she is totally facinated by the song beautiful, although the video is a bit different, but she thinks it gets the point across. her favorite movie is lord of the rings, two towers, orrrr, the fellowship. lord of the rings also facinates her. her favorite character is aragorn portayed by viggo mortensen. she also adores legolas greenleaf, elf prince of mirkwood, played by mr. orlando bloom, and also frodo baggins of the shire, by elijah wood. mattye is totally facinated by space. it amazes her that so much can be out there, so many miles away. she wants to know if there is a galaxy beyond our own, that has the same type of living lifeforms as we do. mattye also adores cheerleading, dancing, and fOOtball!

·..¤ *HER BEST FRiENDS* ¤..·´
keegan, mary, cassandra, allie, thanh, sara, sarah, all my cheerleaders, (esp. kathleen, lol), and marionette rachel

from marionette

from raucous

from giaxstars

"and to all my blurty girls! you guys are the greatest, whenever i have something i need to get thru, you guys are there, or when i do something funny, you guys just laugh with me."

·..¤ *BIG NO-NO'S* ¤..·´
stealers, joqqers, backstabbers, liers, people that give me attitude, really spoiled people, bossy people, mean people, hillbillys, people with 2 much pride, know it alls thats basically it!!

·..¤ *BEHIND HER NAME* ¤..·´

You want to be productive and feel useful, and enjoy helping solve problems. You like to be busy and not waste time. You have much enthusiasm with a driving attitude toward achievement in life. Your privacy is important to you. You have a rich inner life. You need to learn faith in place of fear. Your independence and freedom are important to you. You can be quite inventive and quite curious.

You can be quite inventive and quite curious. You have a diplomatic flair to your nature. Equality and fairness are important to you. You are relatively demonstrative in your affections. You enjoy being stroked verbally and physically. You are compassionate, highly imaginative and creative. You have a need to be up front. You are a constructive thinker. You have a need for monetary security. You need to learn to be expressive. You are a person who cannot tolerate being misunderstood. You need to learn faith in place of fear. You work hard to achieve material success through your own efforts.

You are always involved with projects and things to do. You need to learn to be expressive. You are a person who cannot tolerate being misunderstood. You must learn the lessons of self-worth; learn to love yourself before you can love others. You try to be prudent. You have good business acumen. You have a great deal of loyalty to those you love. You have much inner strength. You can handle details well. You have a methodical mind.

·..¤ *CONTACT* ¤..·´
AIM .my ey3s, doachikndance, dreams 201, x beautiful ca

·..¤ *FORMER JOURNALS* ¤..·´

comment, and most likely youll be added!

·..¤ *HER WEATHER* ¤..·´
The WeatherPixie

I am worth exactly: $2,067,280.00.

sign my guestbook here:
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Interests:67: abercrombie, acting, american eagle, aol, aragorn, arwen, awards, bed head, ben affleck, beyonce, boromir, bubble baths, candy, christina aguilera, clothes, computers, dancing, destinys child, dixie chicks, dogs, early adopters, elijah wood, elrond, faramir, food, friends, frodo, glitter, guys, hair, hugs, icons, jennifer lopez, jennifer love hewitt, jessica simpson, justin timberlake, kelly clarkson, kelly rowland, kisses, layouts, legolas, lip gloss, lord of the rings, magazines, make upp, money, music, nail polish, necklaces, orlando bloom, pepsi, photography, pictures, pools, presents, quizes, rhinestones, seventeen, shoes, showers, soda, sparkles, swimming, teen, theater, theoden, tv
Friends:57: 070887, abercrombie, alonex, arashixchan, ashre, babiita, babii_gurl, babiseckzi, blondebabii, bondageseraph, bootyfulk, booya, cdnhockeyfan, cheerupxemokid, clueless, emo_kiddo, emo_whxre, geeklikewoah_, giaxstars, h__ear_ta_che, icons_, icon_i, icon_makers, icon_maniac, ilovepete, imnotaditz, indenial, jbabie69, kakatuwa, laluna, lauren_xoxo, lay_me_out, letmebe, lies_, lilbunny_l0ser, luckyawards, new_y0rk, nightglitter, punk_angel_ashy, sassieashie88, seansbabygirl, skittl3s, sparklingawards, starri_awards, strawberyshorty, too_pretty, ukiya, vinnylicious, wild_h0ney, xcherrypiezx, xoshortnsweetox, xrockstarbabiix, xxshmigilxx, xxxsprinklesxxx, x_beautiful, _delicious_, _rawkstarbabi_
Account type:Early Adopter

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