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User:mwas (45965)
Name:mwas :#
Website:I <3 SIMPLE PLAN -- lol
Location:middletown, Connecticut, United States
AOL IM:skyxclouds (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:* me, myself, & i *
hi my name is stacy marie. i live in middletown connecticut. i have a pretty normal life and i try to live like an average teenager. i go to a catholic school and i have gone to one since kindergarten. next year i get to go to an all girls catholic high school, what fun. i have a little brother who annoys the hell out of me and he tries hard to make my life a living hell. i sometimes get along with my family, we tend to argue sometimes. i can definitely be a bitch, but if I like you, i won't be one to you. @ *

* my friends *
* i love my friends. we all get along very well and i can't imagine my life without them. we try to do as much as we can together and we always seem to have good time. all of my friends and i have had a lot of good memories and i hope to have more. <3 *

* my music *
* i'm really into music. when i listen to it, it makes me feel better. i like good charlotte, simple plan, new found glory, the all american rejects, less than jake, mxpx, avril lavinge, michelle branch, eminem, 50 cent… etc % *

* my loves *
* i love to hang out with my friends, go to the movies, watch tv, AOL, go on the computer, eat, sleep, listen to music, read magazines, write poetry, tape magazine cut-outs to my walls, talk on the phone, ski, go shopping, swim, skate, go to the beach, watch the sunset, hot guys, wind chimes, cats, dogs… etc $ *

* my hates *
* i totally hate school. i hate going to school, doing homework, the way they built my school, the way my school looks, pretty much everything about my school. i don’t like people who ignore me, liars, fakes, people who talk behind my back, bitches… etc # *
Interests:53: accesories, adidas, aeropstale, american eagle, avril lavigne, black, blinkies, blurty, cats, computer, dogs, eminem, fall, florida, good charlotte, hair, hearts, hot guys, icons, jeans, jewlery, makeup, massages, movies, mtv, music, nice cars, nighttime, parties, phone, pink, profiles, rain, rhode island, roxy, sand, simple plan, skiing, spring, stars, summer, sunsets, sunshine, swimming, talking, the beach, the ocean, the pool, trl, tv, uj, weathervane, winter
Friends:38: 413, abercrombie, alf_, babiegurl, blinkie, depress, diimplez, disappeared, dripofblood, elpanda, exotics, fruitcakesz, goood_charlotte, gurly_gurl, ho0dies, icons_4_u, ih3artb3nji, imwithyou, jessiika_, keep_touchinq, live_from_ny, misse, newfriends, niggles, oosimpleeloveoo, orgiastic, pretti_baby, riddlin_kids, riotgirlmade27, simpleplandork, so_piink, sp_rocks_, sweet_x_dreams, xbloodytears, xcherry, xrockstarbabiix, _babypinkkissez, _billabong
Friend of:18: 413, babiegurl, dripofblood, exotics, gurly_gurl, ho0dies, jessiika_, keep_touchinq, live_from_ny, niggles, riotgirlmade27, simpleplandork, so_piink, starxmoon, sweet_x_dreams, xrockstarbabiix, xxblue_angelxx, _billabong
Member of:4: alf_, icons_4_u, newfriends, sp_rocks_
Account type:Early Adopter

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