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Below is information about the "Mutant High School: An X-Men RPG" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:mutant_high (164069)
Name:Mutant High School: An X-Men RPG
About:Join the teenage X-Men and the young New Mutants as they try to fit in at High School and learn to control their special abilities. Unfortunately, the Brotherhood will be right there to make sure that they don't have an easy time of it. And, as if that wasn't enough to keep them busy, there's Magneto and his group of lackeys who are determined to start a war between mutants and humans. Oh, and don't forget Mesmero who's on a mission to release the greatest and most feared mutant of all time... Apocalypse.

All this and homework too. This is the dawn of the X-Men.

Known to the outside world as a 'School for the Gifted', Professor Charles Xavier runs a school for those known as mutants (Xavier's Academy), informally known as Mutant High School. An RPG (Role-Playing Game) based loosely off of both the movies and the TV series: X-Men Evolution (before the world knew about mutants). Almost all positions are open, and those taken are noted on the character list below. To join please email [@] or IM [zGambitz or Toad AKA Todd] maintainers with the following form. If you are accepted, you will be emailed ASAP.

Name: (your name)
AIM SN: (the AIM screen name you plan to use to RP online with your character)
Character's UJ Handle: (the journal username that you use for your character)
Character's Name:
Nickname (Hero Alias):
Faction: (X-Men, Brotherhood, or Neutral)
Physical Description: (eye color, hair color, height, weight, etc.)
Personality: (brief- or long- description of character's personality)
Past: (brief history of character)
Power/Ability: (what s/he can do as a mutant)
Mutants Say..: (what do mutants say? hint: check the Rules Section below to find out...)
Sample Journal Entry: (a sample of your wonderful writing skills)


Character List:

Wolverine- WolverineX
Jean Grey
Rogue- deadlytouch
Nightcrawler- scarredknight
Beast- beasty

[New Mutants:]
Iceman- ice_man_x
Jubilee- jubilation_lee
Wolfsbane- RahneWlf
Morph- morp_time
White Queen- diamond_frost
Polaris- XPolarisX
Psylocke- Betsy
Nate Grey- dead_before_21
Banshee- Rayin101
Marrow- marrow_bones
Dazzler- be_dazzeled

Avalanche- Ava1anche
Quicksilver- pietro
Toad- xToadx
Scarlet Witch- ScarletWitch
Blink- lavender_girl
BoomBoom- ChickaBoom_T
Magneto- MagnetoXx
Gambit- xj975
Pyro- Aleria
Moonstar- Psychic_Mirage

Blink- Lavender_Girl
Mystique- MystiqueX
Daytripper- XCal_Daytripper
Stryker- Stryker_MH
Joseph- josephx

*NOTE: Professor Xavier will NOT be used as a RP character because of the power/authority that he can exercise over the other players, therefore he will be used simply as an NPC by the mods*


1. You must have a journal seperate from your personal one for you character with a user name that has something to do with him/her.
2. An AIM screen name is a requirement, because it's where our RPing and discussions will take place, though they will be posted in UJ afterwards. It's also, usually easier to have a screen name specifically designed towards your character, because then we don't have to figure out who J1Lk4 is.
3. We are only accepting people that will stay active. This means at least one post per week (one in your character's personal journal) and there will be a group meeting on AIM at least once a week. We will understand if your computer blows up or your family moves to Antarctica or something (in which case, you should blip us an email or post something), but otherwise, if you fail to meet the requirements after two weeks you will be banned from the community and your character will be up for grabs for somebody else.
4. If you need to post something out of character, please put your post in [brackets] or (parenthesis) and put [OOC:] before it, just to simplify life.
5. As most of the characters are teenagers, arguements, crushes and all that sort are to be expected. We do accept slash storylines. If you think that slash is wrong don't consider joining the RP.
6. Original characters will not be accepted until most, if not all, characters from the character list (see above) are taken, and then, X-Men characters who exist in the comics/series/movies who are not listed on the character list are preferable.
7. Absolutely no powerplaying. Powerplaying is when your character forces another character to do something. For example "Janey walks Booboo, the dog, down the street and meets Jake on the sidewalk. She says, 'Hi!'. He says, 'Hi!' back." Yeah, it seems really stupid to outlaw typing down another character (whom you are not playing) as saying something or doing something, but it can get to the extent where you force another person's character to do something they don't want to do. Or if you're in a fight or something and someone writes: "Janey blasted a hole in Jake's head and Booboo finished him off. Then Jake died." <--Major powerplay. It's rude, it's stupid, and it takes all the fun out of the game. Please, just don't do it.
8. And just to make sure you've read these wonderful little things that hold up the frame of our society, under the form category (above) where it says "Mutants Say...:" just fill in "Ooga Booga"

And that's all, folks! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email/IM the maintainer.
Interests:61: angel, archangel, avalanche, bayville high school, berzerker, blink, blob, boomboom, brotherhood, caliban, callisto, cannonball, captain america, cartoons, colossus, comics, cyclops, destiny, facade, forge, future havoc, gambit, havok, iceman, jean gray, jubilee, juggernaut, lucid, magma, magneto, marvel comics, mastermind, mesmero, morlocks, multiple, mutant high school, mystique, new mutants, nightcrawler, professor xavier, pyro, quicksilver, rogue, role-play, role-playing, rp, rpg, rping, sabertooth, scarlet witch, shadowcat, spyke, storm, sunspot, the beast, toad, wolfsbane, wolverine, x-men, x-men rpg, x2
Members:32: aleria, ava1anche, beasty, betsy, be_dazzled, chickaboom_t, deadlytouch, dead_before_21, diamond_frost, game_master, ice_man_x, josephx, jubilation_lee, lavender_girl, magnetoxx, marrow_bones, morph_time, mystiquex, pietro, psychic_mirage, rahnewlf, rayin101, scarletwitch, scarredknight, stryker_mh, wild_weather, wolverinex, xcal_daytripper, xj975, xpolarisx, xtoadx, _sunfire_
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