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User:music_muse (199370)
Name:Su Li
Location:United Kingdom

Name- Su Li
School- Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House- Ravenclaw
Favorite class- Astronomy
Least favorite class- Potions
Likes- Music
Dislikes- Annoyances.
Personality: Shy, quiet, intelligent. But after a bottle of butterbeer--quite brave.
Family History: Her parents were strict and like most Asian parents, wanted the best for her and moved to England when she was 5 so she could attend Hogwarts. When she got accepted to Hogwarts, they left England and went back to China. Su visits them over summer holidays, and often misses them during the school year. But recently, she lost both of them in a tragic accident. As much as she enjoyed her parent's company, she feels frightened that their death didn't have as big of an impact on her as it should have, and wonders whether she would ever care.

Interests:10: animals, art, astronomy, books, divination, japanese music, magic, music, ravenclaw, viola
Friends:82: aa_mcgonagall, abelle_malfoy, adelaide_, ad_pucey, aetasabscondita, aiden_black, ainoassassin, alice_riedel, amyhollings, ana_kostov, big_black_dog, bitchmod, blessthechild, charminglysweet, colincreevey, darkestsoul, dark_ana, deanthomas, echidna_, ellabella, esarfa_seeker, euanabercrombie, female_blaise, fifthchild, firstchild, fourthchild, foxycare, galinadomitrov, ginntonic, glidingraven, golden_scarlet, gryffindor000, gryffindorbebe, gryffindorchase, gryffindormione, gryffindorrebel, hufflepuffblond, ickleweasley, isobelmoon, jordyn_thierry, jumperknitter, j_adore, katiekinsley, konstantine_l, lapsuslinguae, le_printemps, lifeinexile, lovegood, macmillan_ernie, meg_kj, mikhaildimitrov, miss_brown, miss_fawcett, miss_katie_bell, montagueiv, music_muse, nuntior, orla, porpuspie, princess_pansy, purdy_kitty, ravenclawbeauty, ravenclawbelle, ravenclawpadma, raven_soul, redraine, remus_lupin_, roseinbloom, sandyclover, seajay, secondchild, silver_serpant, slytherinazure, slytherinveela, starlightsin, thirdchild, tynott, unhinged, urbanamoure, weasley__, _narcissa_, __oliver_wood
Friend of:20: aiden_black, avalancherebel, ced_diggory, colincreevey, golden_scarlet, greengryffindor, gryffindorrebel, ihaveredhair, j_adore, keladry, music_muse, mynameisharry, orla, quafflequeen, ravenclawpadma, sandyclover, slytherinallure, slytherinazure, thirdchild, weasley__
Account type:Early Adopter

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