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Below is user information for merrick. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:murderdoll13 (143975)
Location:atlanta, Georgia, United States
AOL IM:pexeterblue13 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:mini-biographies are bull shit because nobody reads them so if you are reading this, hello nobody
Interests:150: 3 am, abnormality, acting like an ass, aleins, andrew wk, apples, band aids, batteries, big words, black boas, black nail polish, blinds, bloodhound gang, blue paint, books, bottle caps, boxes, broken glass, broken headphones, bubbletape, cadbury creme eggs, candles, cat fights, cats, chapstick, chocolate milk, chop sticks, cleaning my room, clumsiness, colored water, corners, creme savers, creme soda, cuddling, dating services, dave navarro, david foley, dead fish, dead puppies, deadsy, dopplehertz, double r's, edward scissorhands, electric six, empty black label bottles, falling, felonies, fighting, finger paint, fire, fishnets, flying, forgetfulness, fortune cookies, freckles, getting hurt, glade plug-ins, goldfinger, good charlotte, green pools, hair dye, heartbreak, homicide, hubcaps, i-zones, incense, jack black, jack white, jawbreaker, joey jordison, kick the baby, kidnapping, killing forbes, killing forbes again, knives, lesbians, lyrics, magazines, marbles, marilyn manson, medical tape, middle fingers, monsters under the bed, movie theaters, murderdolls, my bellybutton ring, my blind board, my crappy playstation, my guitar, my spastic cat, myst, orange water, ovens, paper, paper clips, pauly shore, pens, piercings, pink, pistachios, plaid, posters, pots and pans, proving people wrong, rail road tracks, rain, ramen noodles, rancid, razors, rent, rocktoons, rocky horror picture show, rolling off the tongue, rose mcgowan, running away, sad songs, safety pins, scapegoats, scaring strangers, schooner, serj tankian, sharpies, shiny things, sidewalk chalk, silent hill, sour patch kids, speak and spell, spyro, stalkers, stand up comedy, staples, stephen lynch, system of a down, tape, tetris, the 80's, the nightmare before christmas, the sims, thunderstorms, transvestites, tripping, turtles, vaccuming, water guns, weird names, wheatus, whipped cream, whips and chains, world news weekly, you
Friends:8: bloody_tempest, drummeryan14, kitsune68, level27luva714, oboeboy, staticnerd, theukrainianone, xcrimsonxstarsx
Friend of:6: drummeryan14, level27luva714, oboeboy, staticnerd, theukrainianone, xcrimsonxstarsx
Account type:Early Adopter

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