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Below is user information for jengillen. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mudpuppyanna (64071)
Website:photography profile
Location:Ontario, Canada
Bio:im jen. i rock shit out damn well. this is how my mind works weather you like it or not. *nods.* chat with me if you want to know petty details about me. im hard up for chat like that. get in my head.
im spontaneous.
i like juice.
i read a lot.
i actually like my job.
im a kid forever more.
Interests:132: ...boys, a moments loss, abandonned hearts club, against me!, agoraphobic nosebleed, aldous huxley, alexisonfire, all state champion, american nightmare, animotion, arkata, at the drive-in, atom & his package, badly drawn boy, bane, billy joel, books, botch, boys night out, bright eyes, buried inside, by divine right, camber, cave in, choke, chris isaac, converge, cookies, cursive, d.b.s, dancing, danzig, death cab for cutie, deathwish, dillinger escape plan, duotang, e.e. cummings, eighteen visions, elliott smith, emerson, emery, emo, everytime i die, fairweather, ferret, fucking shit up, ghost world, good clean fun, guided by voices, high fidelity, him, honeysuckle serontina, hopesfall, horror show, hot hot heat, i have dreams, i spoke, indie, interpol, invader zim, jets to brazil, joshua fit for battle, jude the obscure, juice, katja, kerouac, kill mannequin, kitchens & bathrooms, kite flying society, koufax, makeoutclub, mars volta, mary's bleeding eyes, masculine feminine, message boards, mico, minus the bear, miracle of '86, moc, mod, mod/romantic styles, movies, music; hardcore, neutral milk hotel, no doubt, no warning, operation makeout, oscar, pedro the lion, photography, poetry, poison the well, punk; hayden, q and not u, rainer maria, reading, red house painters, refused, remembering never, rufus wainwright, saetia, saves the day, sculpting, six going on seven, small brown bike, sparta, stars, swallowing shit, tegan & sara, the constantines, the cranberries, the dedication, the dismemberment plan, the end, the faint, the new amsterdams, the program, the promise, the promise ring, the rise, the shins, the used, the wolfnote, thrice, thrift shops, thursday, time in malta, toques, walking, weakerthans, weezer, you and i
Friends:16: andrewpants, cyanidekisses, deep_emo, emokati, emosex, emo_kids, hellojolene, hxc, malangelene, musictrade, photography, prozaccowboy, ramsus21, silentium, teamrawkus, thischarmingman
Friend of:8: andrewpants, deadtoyou, emoteardrops, jacobg123, minusx0, mylastsigh, prozaccowboy, tricyclebandit
Member of:6: deep_emo, emosex, emo_kids, hxc, musictrade, photography
Account type:Early Adopter

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