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User:msfortunecookie (759980)
Location:New York, United States
Bio:Ok i wrote this whole mini-biography b4 but i am quite the inexperienced one so it was completely deleted. Its all good though, ill just start again. My name is Sydney(no middle name required) and i am 15 years old. I am a capricorn and i am pretty sure that means i am stubborn but i am not quite sure. I check my horoscopes as often as i can and most of the time they really apply to my life. I am a chocolate fanatic as well as a health food freak.. i am not sure how that all figures in but im sure it will somehow. I love my little dog amigo, hes half maltese and hald toy poodle (maltepoo) and hes like 5 pounds. He smells unless we give him a bath but i love him anyway. I also love to shop, i am quite passionate about spending money(no im not a spoiled brat :P) Neway i have two sisters, both younger and sometimes i wish i was an only child. I say it but i dont mean it cuz most of the time my sisters are cool. I love singing.. I have been singing forever.. a good reason 4 me never to smoke( i despise smoking.. its really gross) and I also love the summer and tanning and beaches. Especially vacation .. love vacation. I can see that I am starting to ramble but there is so much to say and not enough space to say it all!! :)
Interests:64: abercrombie&fitch, animals, beaches, books, broadway shows, candy!!!, cellphones, chinese food, chocolate, color-changing nailpolish, cookies, dancing, danielle my fav. cousin, dieting, dreams, driving, email, exercise!!, family, fitness, fortune cookies, friends(funniest show ever!!), hanging out, health, holidays, horoscopes, icecream, iceskating, jokes, laptops, laughing, life, lunchtime(at school), manicures, maple syrup & pancakes, mcdondalds, movies, mtv, music, my friends, new york city, pedicures, popcorn, puerto rico(ricans), rollerblading, running, shoes, shopping, singing, sleeping late, sleepovers, snow, spanish(language in general), starbucks, staying up late, summer, sunrise, sunset, swimming, tanning, the morning, tv, vacations, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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