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Below is user information for Cassandra Chant. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mscassandra (656894)
Name:Cassandra Chant
Website:Palantiriell's Livejournal
Bio:I'm...well, I have hundreds of names, but most people call me either Tor or Vix...I'm a 10th grader, which has caused me a a helluva lot of depressing poems...I'm writing my own novel series, called Dynasty of the Forest, and I am also the celebrated Ms. Cassandra Chant of fame :) I have an account on Neopets called 'niksaqueen' where I am Lady Legend...I also read the Pantheon online comic strip...Satan is yaoi! I try and learn to speak Japanese, I speak fairly good French...I LOVE Harry Potter and Yu-Gi-Oh, check my fanfics for those...And...Oh! I LOVE meeting fellow witches, so give me a jangle! Merry Meet!
Interests:73: aim, alice through the looking-glass, anime, archery, astrology, astrology charts, brian froud, bubble tape, care bears, cats, celtic harp, celtic mythology, colored contacts, daniel radcliffe, diana wynne jones, divination, drawing, embroidery, eva ibbotson, faeries, fanfiction, feminism, field hockey, fluffy romance, french novels, fruits basket, gardening, goddesses, halfcocked, harry potter, horses, hot topic, ireland, japanese swears, kara dalkey, lakes, lotr, magick, manga, mediation, mists of avalon, morgan le fay, motorcycle boots, my friends, my little pony, my sisters, neopets, painting, photography, poetry, princess mononoke, rainbow brite, redwall, robin mckinley, sea, seashells, sensitive new age guys, seto kaiba, she-ra, shrek, sims 2, swimming, swordfighting, the sims, unicorns, unicorns of balinor, voyages of the basset, wicca, wonton soup, writing, xena, yu-gi-oh, yu-gi-oh duel monsters
Friends:5: aerofire, duct_taper, longarrow, soulshine314, twinkietoes
Friend of:2: duct_taper, longarrow
Account type:Free User

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