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Below is user information for S h a d y L a n e. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ms_shadylane (722835)
Name:S h a d y L a n e
Website:Shadylane's old journal..
Location:Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Bio:There once was a girl who had 6 sides, kind of cubic, this girl was. Many people fell in love with her and it didn't take them long to realize she was cubic, but they loved her anyway, or until she drove them away, because she was good at driving them away and they would wonder how to open her, because she was a box, and see whats inside but very few got to see the contents and when they saw it they saw nothing but a storm. Wind and lightning and the lightning was purple and green and they didn't understand her and she would smile and tell them she loved them and she meant it because she was very loving. Her name was Pandora and she killed Gods for fun. She'd slice them in the abdomen and hang them from trees and nobody understood, but they loved her anyway. Eventually they loved her from a distance instead of upclose because the lighning would strike them too often. So how do you get whats inside, out?
Interests:57: abortion, adoption, africa, airplanes, alice in wonderland, alison lohman, angelina jolie, anti-bush, ashta, blistex, bracelets, bright eyes, brunettes, cantonese chow mein, cello, crayons, depression, donnie darko, f-15, finger paint, four wheelers, gargoyles, green tea, harley davidson, humber, industrial, jeff buckley, knives, knuckle cracking, kohl, kylie minogue, lace underwear, led zepplin, leopard, lotion, nail biting, new zealand, newfoundland, oscar wilde, photography, poetry, potbelly pigs, radiohead, scars, ski-doo, snowboarding, spirituality school, tai chi, tattoos, tim hortons, tire swings, travel, trucks, unhcr, venezuela, water colours, yoga
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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