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User:mrsdalloway (619986)
Name:The Serpent and the Butterfly
Location:London, United Kingdom
Bio:Well, damn is my favourite word and I swear like a sailor. Not suprisingly this shows that I am a Walthamstow native and Enfield girl, but I am proud of my roots. Oh, I am also half-spanish, quarter English and quarter Canadian. I do have American-Irish and Jewish blood, somewhere along the blood line, but that is not really important at this point.

I only want three things in life; to travel, to write and to fall in love. If I could do just that for the rest of my life, then I would be the most happiest person on the planet. I see myself on some far edge of the planet, battling the odds to put something down on paper. My most deperate ambition is to fight for indigenous populations on earth and also to track down every single episode of Star Trek.

I am quite complicated, but once you get to know me, you will have a friend for life, as my poor dear friend pumpkin jane will have suffered with my antics and disgusting burping habit. Hey, did I tell you that I am a girl? Cos no girl burps like I do.
Interests:149: alice walker, aliens, amnesty, ancient civilisations, ancient egypt, andy warhol, angel, animals, art noveau, audrey hepburn, autumn colours, balls, books, bridges, buddy, budweiser frogs, buffy, burping, castles, charmed, che guevara, cheers, chicago, chocolate, christmas, clubbing, coffee, colin farrell, comedy, comics, cornelius agrippa, cuba, dalai lama, dido, diet coke, disney, donnie darko, dorito's, doughnuts, dracula, dreaming, eating paper, engels, euphoria, fairies, faustus, firefly, florida, frankenstein, french, funky screensavers, gandhi, ghost world, glasses, glowstars, gothic novels, grapes, green tea, greenpeace, gym, harry potter, heath ledger, hello kitty, hieronymous bosch, history, hockey, horror, humanism, ice cream, india, jack the ripper, james bond, jelly belly, kevin spacey, kickboxing, kill bill, kitsch, ladybirds, linkin park, london, lord of the rings, love actually, lucid dreaming, malibu, martial arts movies, marx, mccoy crisps, messenger, miffy, morte darthur, movies, new age, night., olives, painting, pampering, pantheism, paris, peanut butter, philosophy, placebo, pod, pokemon, pop art, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, rammstein, reading, red bull, rock, romance, roy litchenstein, running, salsa, sci-fi, sex and the city, ships, shopping, skiing, sleeping, snowboarding, space, spanish, spells and magic, spot the dog, star trek, star wars, stripes, surfer guys, tall buildings, tarantulas, the cosmos, the exorcist, the white stripes, toe socks, toffee apple, travelling, vampires, virginia woolf, vodka, walking, western movies, what not to wear, will and grace, winter, worrying, writing, wuthering heights, x-files
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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