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Below is information about the "wasted on movies" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:movie_indulgers (170466)  
Name:wasted on movies
Website:i spend too much time watching movies
Location:California, United States

At slow speed we all seem focused
In motion we seem wrong
In summer we can taste the rain
I want you to be free
Don't worry about me
And just like the movies
We play out our last scene
Two can play this game
We both want power
In winter we can taste the pain
In our short years, we come long way
To treat it bad and throw away
You won't cry, I won't scream
In our short years we come long way
To treat it bad and throw away
And if we make a little space
A science fiction showcase
In our short film, a love disgrace
Dream a scene to brighten face
In our short years we come long way
To treat it bad, just to throw it away.

community for movie lovers! yay join it!

my other communities:
scarxling first scarling community
feel free to join them :D
Interests:143: ace ventura, alice in wonderland, aliens, almost famous, american beauty, american history x, austin powers, back to the future, batman, beetlejuice, big, big daddy, boys dont cry, braveheart, breakfast club, caddyshack, carrie, chasing amy, cheech and chong, childs play, chucky, cky, clerks, coneheads, cool world, cruel intentions, cujo, dazed and confused, deuces wild, dirty dancing, dogma, donnie darko, drop dead fred, dumb and dumber, e.t., elizabeth, empire records, encino man, ever after, evil dead, fear, ferris bueller's day off, fight club, final destination, firestarter, forrest gump, ghost, ghostbusters, girl interrupted, gone in 60 seconds, grease, gremlins, grinch, hackers, half baked, halloween, hannibal, happy gilmore, harry potter, hell's kitchen, hellraiser, hook, independence day, interview with a vampire, it, jason, jaws, joe's apartment, jurassic park, labyrinth, leprechaun, liar liar, little nicky, lord of the rings, mallrats, man on the moon, mars attacks, me myself and irene, mermaids, monsters inc, mortal kombat, movies, mr. deeds, mrs. doubtfire, mummy, my girl, national lampoon, never been kissed, nightmare before christmas, october sky, office space, parent trap, pee-wee, powder, problem child, rat race, red dragon, requiem for a dream, rocky, rush hour, rushmore, shaft, shakespeare in love, she devil, shrek, silence of the lambs, slc punk, sleepy hollow, some like it hot, son in law, south park, splash, star wars, starship troopers, striptease, sybil, tales from the crypt, ted bundy, teenage mutant ninja turtles, terminator, that thing you do, the bone collector, the craft, the dark crystal, the exorcist, the mask, the matrix, the misfits, the muppets, the never ending story, the omen, the outsiders, the sandlot, the sixth sense, tomb raider, urban legends, waterboy, wedding singer, what's eating gilbert grape?, wicked, wild things, x-men, young guns
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Watched by:29: adrianaslyth, asalwayzz_me, caustic_tempest, chocolate_box, devilishmandy66, dreamsmasher, ehsblueeyez, evilshopingkart, faerie_dreamer, haloseventeen, hogwartss, horrorxstar, jl_fan33, liveordietrying, lyndsie3542, magical_witch, mike_, oxbebegurl2xo, oxflirtatiousxo, paintmepink, rmember_2morrow, smileymezz, sudden_collapse, takemeapart, thisisclerks, twisted_destiny, xfallenbeautyx, xwuzzlesx, _terminate_x_
Member of:3: bleedingxkunts, da_lunchbox_, kill_you_ded
Account type:Early Adopter

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